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Dmitry Alekseevich

Researcher at the IOM RAS
Candidate of Sciences (equiv. Ph.D.) - Philology
Born on October 7, 1984 in Leningrad.

In 2008, graduated from St.Petersburg State University, the Department of Asian and African studies, the section of Mongolian philology.

In 2008 was admitted as a doctoral student to IOM RAS, graduated from the doctoral course (supervised by Dr. I.V. Kulganek) in 2011.

From November 2011 up to present, works at the Department of Central and South Asian studies of IOM RAS.

Major research interests: folklore and literature of Mongolian speaking peoples.



Mongolica. Vol. XXIII, 2020, No. 1 / Ed. by I.V.Kulganek (editor-in-chief), D. A. Nosov (secretary), M. A. Kozintcev (deputy secretary) et al. St Petersburg, 2020. 104 p. ISSN 2311-5939.


Mongolica. Vol. XXII, 2019, No. 1. In commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Russian mongolist Leonid Sergeevich Puchkovsky / Ed. by I.V.Kulganek (editor-in-chief ), D. A. Nosov (secretary) et al. St Petersburg, 2019. 106 p. ISSN 2311-5939.

Mongolica. Vol. XXII, 2019, No. 2. Dedicated to the 70-anniversary of Russian mongolist, D. S. (Philology), Irina Vladimirovna Kulganek / Ed. by I.V.Kulganek (editor-in-chief), D. A. Nosov (secretary) et al. St Petersburg, 2019. 104 p. ISSN 2311-5939.


Turanskaya A.A., Yakhontova N.S., Nosov D.A. Collection of Manuscripts and Xylographs in the State Archive of the Republic of Tatarstan // Written Monuments of the Orient. 1(7), 2018. P. 96–123.


Nosov D.A. A Manuscript of the Mongolian Folk Tale “About old Borontai” from the IOM, RAS Collection // Written Monuments of the Orient. 2(6), 2017. P. 111–118.


Mongolica-XVI / Editorial Board: I.V.Kulganek (editor-in-chief), L.G.Skorodumova, T.D.Skrynnikova, K.V.Orlova, N.S.Yakhontova. Secretary and Editor of the English text: D.A.Nosov St Petersburg, 2016. 104 p. ISSN 2311-5939.

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