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Alexander Valerievich

Senior Researcher at the IOM RAS
Candidate of Sciences (equiv. Ph.D.) - Philology
Born on November 30, 1979 in the city of Vorkuta.

In 2002, graduated from St Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Oriental Studies, the Section of Tibetan philology, where he obtained the Bachelor degree in Tibetan philology and the Master degree in Religious studies.

In 2006, defended the PhD dissertation At the Source of Tibetan Poetry: Stotra Hymns in Tibetan Literature of the 8th – 14th Centuries, supervised by Prof Dr Lev Menshikov.

From 2004 up to present, the content manager of official web site of the IOM RAS.

From 2006 up to present, a researcher (senior researcher from 2013) at the IOM RAS, heads the project of the processing and cataloguing of the IOM Tibetan library. More than 12,500 items were processed by 2014, the first part of the catalogue covering Buddhist canonical texts kept at the IOM RAS is being prepared.

In 2007, prepared the second edition of the classical monograph by Dr . A. Vostrikov (1904-1937) Tibetan Historical Literature; the book was written in 1937, first published in 1962, English translation first published in 1970).

In 2009, headed the project aimed at the compilation of a digital catalogue of about 1,300 thangka and tsakali Buddhist icons kept at the IOM RAS. The project was supported by the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation. In 2013, the catalogue of 108 selected icons was published.

He took part in a number of international conferences such as the Ford Foundation Symposium on the Sutra of Golden Light (Beijing 2006), the Third International Seminar on History of the Central Asian Collections in Institutions Worldwide (New Delhi 2007), 2008 and 2012 Beijing Seminars on Tibetan Studies, the IATS Seminar in Ulaanbaatar 2013, etc.

In 2010-2014, headed the Council of Young Scholars at the IOM RAS.

From September to December 2010, Dr A. Zorin worked at the International Institute for Buddhist Studies, Tokyo, as a visiting researcher. In November, Dr A. Zorin delivered a lecture at the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies, Tokyo, entitled Buddhist Hymns in Tibetan literature: 8th - 14th Century.

In 2011 and 2015, delivered a special course of lectures on Culture of Tibet at the Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University.

Major research interests: Tibetan religious poetry, Tibetan book culture, textology, literary criticism, history of Tibetan studies in Russia.

Publications ( the entire list as a *.pdf file)


Walravens H., Zorin A. The Āli-kāli Trilingual Syllabary Brought by D. G. Messerschmidt from Siberia and Edited by G. S. Bayer in the 1720s // Journal of the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies, Vol. XXI. Tokyo: ICPBS, 2017. P. 183—241.

Zorin A.V., Mitruev B.L., Sabrukova S.S., Sizova A.A. The Catalogue of Texts of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon Kept at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS. Vol. 1: Bka’ ’gyur and Bstan ’gyur [Каталог сочинений тибетского буддийского канона из собрания ИВР РАН. Вып. 1: Кагьюр и Тэнгьюр]. Ed. by A.V.Zorin. Photos by A.A.Sizova. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Centre for Oriental Studies Publishers 2017. 512 p. ISBN 978-5-85803-506-0 (Вып. 1)

Zorin A. On the Collection of Sādhanās by Ching Sudjugthu Lobzang Norbu Sherab // The First International Scientific Conference “Historical and Cultural Links between Mongolia and Tibet”. 2017.7.21—23. Collected papers. Northwest Minzu University, 2017. P. 11—15.

[Review:] Anton Schiefner (1817–1879) und seine indologischen Freunde: seine Briefe an die Indologen Albrecht Weber (1825–1901), Rudolf Roth (1821–1895) und William D. Whitney (1827–1894) sowie den Indogermanisten Adalbert Kuhn (1812–1881) / Hartmut Walravens, Agnes Stache-Weiske [editors]. Wien: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 2015. (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse Sitzungsberichte, 868. Bd.; Beiträge zur Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, Nr. 89), by Alexander Zorin // Written Monuments of the Orient. 1(5), 2017. P. 98–102.


Zorin A. On the Rare Mongolian Edition of the Tibetan Gzungs bsdus Collection // Mezhdunarodny forum "Buddizm v dialoge kultur Vostoka i Zapada: proshloe, nastoyashchee i budushchee", 20—23 sentyabrya 2015 goda / Eds. B.K.Salaev et al. Elista, 2016, p. 49—54.

[Review:] A. Helman-Ważny. The Archaeology of Tibetan Books. Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2014. — 311 p. Brill’s Tibetan Studies Library. Ed. by H. Blezer, A. McKay, Ch. Ramble. Vol. 36, by Alexander V. Zorin // Written Monuments of the Orient. 1(3), 2016. P. 115–117.

[Review, by A.Zorin:] Bodies in Balance. The Art of Tibetan Medicine. Ed. by Theresia Hofer. Rubin Museum of Art, New York & University of Washington Press, Seattle and London 2014 // Written Monuments of the Orient. 2(4), 2016. P. 95–101.


The Buddhist Traditions of Russia: Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Lineage of the Pandita Khambo Lamas [Учение Будды в России: 250 лет институту Пандито Хамбо-лам]. Editorial Board: Prof. Dr. I. F. Popova (chief editor); B. B. Badmaev; Prof. Dr. V. L. Uspensky; Dr. A. V. Zorin (executive editor); A. A. Sizova (secretary). St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Centre for Oriental Studies Publishers, 2015. 186 р.

Helman-Ważny A., Kriakina L, Zorin A. The First Tibetan Leaves Acquired by the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences: Conservation Issues, Contents and Paper Analysis // Written Monuments of the Orient, 2. Moscow: Vostochnaya literatura, 2015. P. 61-76.

Buddhist Ritual Texts as Represented in a Tibetan Manuscript from the 12th Century [Буддийские ритуальные тексты: по тибетской рукописи XIII в.]. Facsimile ed., transliteration by A.V.Zorin and S.S.Sabrukova; tr. from Tibetan, Introduction, Notes and Appendix by A.V.Zorin. Moscow, Nauka - Vostochnaya literature 2015. 241 p. (Pamyatniki pismennosti Vostoka; CXLVI). ISBN 978-5-02-036607-7.

Zorin A. Tibetan Buddhist Texts Acquired by the Russian Academy of Sciences during the 18th Century // Journal of the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies. Vol. XIX. Tokyo: ICPBS, 2015. P. 184—142.


Tibetology in St. Petersburg. Collected papers. Issue 1. Editorial Board: I.F.Popova (chief editor), B.B.Badmaev, A.V.Zorin (executive editor), V.L.Uspensky. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Centre for Oriental Studies Publishers, 2014.

Zorin A.V. Lines of Development of the Tibetan Editions of Gzungs Bsdus Collection First Printed in the Rtag Brtan Monastery Founded by Tāranātha // Vestnik RUDN, Philosophy Series. 2014, No. 1. P. 40-52.


One Hundred And Eight Buddhist Icons Kept At The Institute Of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS [Сто восемь буддийских икон из собрания Института восточных рукописей РАН] / Compiled by A.Zorin, M.Iokhvin, L.Kriakina. Ed. by A.Zorin. Consultant A.Terentyev. St Petersburg, Peterburgskoe Vostokovedenie Publishers, 2013. 240 p.

Zorin A. A Collection of Tantric Ritual Texts from an Ancient Tibetan Scroll Kept at the IOM RAS // Journal of the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies. Vol. XVII, 2013. P. 46—98.

Zorin A. Texts on Tantric Fierce Rites from an Ancient Tibetan Scroll Kept at the IOM RAS // Buddhism and Society. Papers for the International Conference on Buddhism and Society, 13-15 January 2013. Sarnath, Varanasi: Central University of Tibetan Studies, 2013. P. 118-132.


Zorin A. / 亞歷山大•佐林. The Collection of Dunhuang Tibetan Texts Kept at the IOM RAS / 俄羅斯科學院東方文獻研究所的藏文手卷收藏情況 // Dunhuang Studies: Prospects and Problems for the Coming Second Century of Research / 敦煌學:第二個百年的研究視角與問題. St. Petersburg: Slavia Publishers, 2012. P. 365—367.

Zorin A. On an Unique Tibetan Manuscript Mistakenly Included into the Dunhuang Collection // Talking about Dunhuang on the Riverside of the Neva / 涅瓦河邊談敦煌. Ed. by TAKATA Tokio / 高田時雄編. Institute ror Research in Humanities Kyoto University / 京都大學人文科學研究所 2012. P. 39—50.


Zorin A. At the Source of Tibetan Poetry. Buddhist Hymns in Tibetan Literature: 8th-14th Century [У истоков тибетской поэзии. Буддийские гимны в тибетской литературе VIII—XIV вв.]. St Petersburg, Peterburgskoe Vostokovedenie Publishers 2010. 384 p. (Orientalia).


Hymns To Tārā / Tr. from Tibetan, with introduction and appendices by Dr A.Zorin. Moscow, Otkryty Mir Publishers 2009. 272 p. (Samadhi series), ill.


The Caves of One Thousand Buddhas. Russian Expeditions along the Silk Route. On the Occasion of 190 Years of the Asiatic Museum. Exhibition Catalogue. St Petersburg, The State Hermitage Publishers 2008.

Zorin A. On the Structure of the Collection of Lyrical Songs Ascribed to the Sixth Dalai Lama // Collection of Abstracts of Beijing Seminar on Tibetan Studies. 2008-10. P. 120-123.


Песни Шестого Далай-ламы, жизнеописание Цаньянг Гьяцо, составленное из стихотворных отрывков / Перевод с тибетского, предисловие и приложение А. В. Зорина. М. : «Открытый Мир», 2007. 224 с. («Самадхи»).

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