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[Review:] Anton Schiefner (1817–1879) und seine indologischen Freunde: seine Briefe an die Indologen Albrecht Weber (1825–1901), Rudolf Roth (1821–1895) und William D. Whitney (1827–1894) sowie den Indogermanisten Adalbert Kuhn (1812–1881) / Hartmut Walravens, Agnes Stache-Weiske [editors]. Wien: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 2015. (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse Sitzungsberichte, 868. Bd.; Beiträge zur Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, Nr. 89), by Alexander Zorin // Written Monuments of the Orient. 1(5), 2017. P. 98–102.

This book, prepared by Hartmut Walravens and Agnes Stache-Weiske, well-known German experts in the history of European Oriental Studies, contains a large corpus of letters of the eminent 19th c. scholar Frantz Anton (Anton Antonovich) Schiefner, a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, that present him as an prominent Orientalist of his time who belonged to the narrow circle of professional Indologists involved in one of the most famous projects ever realized by the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, namely the great Sanskrit-German Dictionary compiled by O. von Böhtlingk, R. Roth and A. Weber in 1853–1875.1 About ninety letters from Schiefner to Weber comprise the major part of the edition. They are supplemented with 9 letters to Roth and 5 letters to W.D. Whitney, the American Indologist who contributed to the dictionary, too. Moreover, the book contains 22 letters to the German linguist A. Kuhn who shared Schiefner’s interest in European and Asian folktales and myths. This broader perspective of Schiefner’s academic interests is supported with republication of some of his less known papers including his German translation of a Mongolian tale, two papers on Finnish epic tales, etc. The letters included into the book are kept now in various German libraries. The main details of Schiefner’s life and works are presented in the general introduction while each of the four groups of letters are prefaced with data on their addressees. Their and Schiefner’s portraits are also provided...

To WMO, 1(5) 2017...


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Schiefner, Franz Anton

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