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Translations from Tibetan

Bsod-nams Rtse-mo. The Door Leading Into the Teaching [Соднам-Цзэмо. Дверь, ведущая в учение. Факсимиле текста]. Translated from Tibetan, with Foreword and Notes by Dr R.Krapivina. St Petersburg 1994. 224 p.

“Explanation of the Knowable” by 'Phags-pa bla-ma Blo-gros rgyal-mtshan (1235-1280) / Facsimile of the Mongolian Translation with Transliteration and Notes by Vladimir Uspensky. With special assistance from Inoue Osamu. Preface by Nakami Tatsuo. Tokyo: Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, 2006. 115 p.

History of Buddhism (Chos-hbyung) by Bu-ston. Part 1. The Jewelry of Scripture. Translated from Tibetan by Dr. E.Obermiller. With an Introduction by Prof. Th.Stcherbatsky. Heidelberg 1931.

History of Buddhism in India and Tibet by Bu-ston. Part 2. Translated from Tibetan by Dr. E.Obermiller. Heidelberg 1932.

Hymns To Tārā / Tr. from Tibetan, with introduction and appendices by Dr A.Zorin. Moscow, Otkryty Mir Publishers 2009. 272 p. (Samadhi series), ill.

Tshangs-dbyangs-rgya-mtsho. Dolcet Songs [Цаньян Джамцо. Песни, приятные для слуха]. Fascimile edition of the xylograph and manuscript, critical text, translation from Tibetan and notes by L.S.Savitsky. Moscow 1983. (Pamyatniki pismennosti Vostoka, LXXI).

Thu'u-bkwan Blo-bzang Chos-kyi Nyi-ma. The Crystal Mirror of Tenets. The Sakyapa chapter [Туган Лопсан-Чойкьи-Ньима. Хрустальное зерцало философских систем. Глава Сакьяпа]. Edited and translated from Tibetan, with Introduction and Notes by Dr R.N.Krapivina. St Petersburg, 1995. 196 p.

Zorin A. At the Source of Tibetan Poetry. Buddhist Hymns in Tibetan Literature: 8th-14th Century [У истоков тибетской поэзии. Буддийские гимны в тибетской литературе VIII—XIV вв.]. St Petersburg, Peterburgskoe Vostokovedenie Publishers 2010. 384 p. (Orientalia).

Buddhist Ritual Texts as Represented in a Tibetan Manuscript from the 13th Century [Буддийские ритуальные тексты: по тибетской рукописи XIII в.]. Facsimile ed., transliteration by A.V.Zorin and S.S.Sabrukova; tr. from Tibetan, Introduction, Notes and Appendix by A.V.Zorin. Moscow, Nauka - Vostochnaya literature 2015. 241 p. (Pamyatniki pismennosti Vostoka; CXLVI). ISBN 978-5-02-036607-7.

Zorin A. A Collection of Tantric Ritual Texts from an Ancient Tibetan Scroll Kept at the IOM RAS // Journal of the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies. Vol. XVII, 2013. P. 46—98.

Zorin A. On an Unique Tibetan Manuscript Mistakenly Included into the Dunhuang Collection // Talking about Dunhuang on the Riverside of the Neva / 涅瓦河邊談敦煌. Ed. by TAKATA Tokio / 高田時雄編. Institute ror Research in Humanities Kyoto University / 京都大學人文科學研究所 2012. P. 39—50.

Zorin A. One of the First Samples of Cursive Tibetan in European Collections // Journal of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies. Volume 2, No. 1—2. Xi’an; Boston: Boston Bilingual Media & Publishing Inc., 2018. P. 65—74.

Zorin A. Texts on Tantric Fierce Rites from an Ancient Tibetan Scroll Kept at the IOM RAS // Buddhism and Society. Papers for the International Conference on Buddhism and Society, 13-15 January 2013. Sarnath, Varanasi: Central University of Tibetan Studies, 2013. P. 118-132.

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On February 17, 2020, at the meeting of the Council of Young Scholars at the IOM RAS, junior researcher of the Chuvash State University will read a lecture Ethnogenesis of proto-Turkic people out of the Altaic family: Perspective research or not?. 

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