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“Explanation of the Knowable” by 'Phags-pa bla-ma Blo-gros rgyal-mtshan (1235-1280) / Facsimile of the Mongolian Translation with Transliteration and Notes by Vladimir Uspensky. With special assistance from Inoue Osamu. Preface by Nakami Tatsuo. Tokyo: Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, 2006. 115 p.


This is the third work that Dr. Vladimir Uspensky, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Oriental Studies (St. Petersburg Branch), the Russian Academy of Sciences, has published from our Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa.

This book includes research, transcription and annotation, and a facsimile reproduction of the Mongolian manuscript entitled Medegdekün-i belgetey-e geyigülügči ner-e-tü šastir, which is a Mongolian translation of Shes bya rab gsal, that was written by 'Phags-pa bla-ma in Tibetan language on behalf of Činggim, the third son of Qubilai. Shes bya rab gsal has also been translated into Chinese and is well known under the name of Zhang suo zhi lun.

The manuscript had attributed to an item of the private collection of Prince Yunli, the seventeeth son of the Kangxi Emperor, whose life was elucidated by Dr. Uspensky in his first book, Prince Yunli, Manchu Statesman and Tibetan Buddhist, published by our Institute in 1997.

The manuscript is now deposited at the library of Saint-Petersburg State University, which houses a rich collection of Mongolian manuscripts and xylographs that have been classified by Dr. Uspensky, and then introduced in his second work or Catalogue of the Mongolian Manuscripts and Xylographs in the St. Petersburg State University (Tokyo: Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, 2001).

Dr. Uspensky at first planned to publish it in Russia, but he met some difficulties. Our Institute consented to publish it, in accordance with our Institute's tasks of introducing rare and important materials written in Asian and African languages.

Dr. Inoue Osamu, professor at the University of Shimane, kindly and carefully checked Dr. Uspensky's draft again as he did with second work. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Uspensky and Dr. Inoue for the effort that they have put into this publication. I also wish to extend my special thanks to Ms. Nina Raj for her kind editorial advice.



Contents, Preface, Introduction


'Phags-pa bla-ma
Blo-gros rgyal-mtshan
Mongolian translation
Shes bya rab gsal

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