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Моngolica-I. In Memory of Boris Yakovlevich Vladimirtsov. 1884-1931 [Моngolica-I. Памяти Бориса Яковлевича Владимирцова. 1884-1931] / Editorial board: A.N.Kononov (chief), L.K.Gerasimovich, S.G.Klyashtornyj, E.I.Kychanov, A.G.Sazykin, V.M.Solntsev. Moscow 1986.

The collected papers (all in Russian) on areas of studies relevant to works by Acad. Boris Ya. Vladimirtsov (1884-1931).


Foreword — 3

Academic Legacy of Academician B.Ya. Vladimirtsov

G.I. Mikhai1оv. From Academician B.Ya. Vladimirtsov's Legacy — 10

Philology and Culture

L.K. Gerasimovich. Secular Motives in D. Ravja’s Lyrics — 23

A.V. Кudiуarоv. The Style of the “Secret History of the Mongols”: Implicity, Variation, Representativeness, Chorus — 36

Ye.A. Kuzmenkov. Passive in the Mongolian Language — 52

I.V. Кulganek. History of Studies of Mongol Folklore Songs — 62

S.Yu. Neklyudov. Regularities in Stage-by-Stage Evolution of Central Asian and South Siberian Epic — 66

M.N. Оrlоvsкaya. On Periods in History of Mongolian Written Literary Language — 80

G.D. Sanzheyev. Isoglosses in Mongol Languages — 91

L.G. Skorodumova. Function of Poems in V. Injannasi's Novels, “One-Storey Pavilion”, and “The Chamber of Red Tears” — 97

V.L. Uspensку. Towards History of Compiling “Togbar Laba” Tibet-Mongol Dictionary — 110

N.S. Yakhontova. Influence of the Tibetan Language on Oirat Translations — 113

History, Source Studies, Historiography

V.Ye. Vоitоv. B. Ya. Vladimirtsov’s Archeological Studies and New Discoveries in Mongolia — 118

M.I. Golman. Russian Archive Documents on Mongolia's History of mid-1650s-80s — 137

G.S. Gorokhova. Some Features of the 17th Century Mongolian Historiography — 150

R.N. Dugarоv. Brief Data on Lin-Geser-Galpo in Tibetan Historical Treatise “Debter-Gamtso” — 155

N.L. Zhukоvskауa. “Gift-Return Gift” and its Place in the System of Social Values of the Mongols — 160

A.D. Nasilov. New Data on Mongolian Feudal Law (Case Study of “18 Steppe Laws”) — 169

A.V. Popov. B. Ya. Vladimirtsov’s Theory of “Nomadic Feudalism” and Modern Controversy on Social Structure of Nomads — 183

V.P. Sanсhirоv. Sources of “Itethel Shastir” — 194

T.D. Skrynnikova. Khalkha’s Political Organization (1550s-1800s) — 201

V.S. Таskin. The Shanyui and Kagan Titles — 213

V.N. Tkachyо v. Karakorum in 13th Century — 219

Mongolian Written Legacy

D. Yоndоn, A.G. Sazykin. A Tibetan-Mongolian Didactic Treatise on Origin of Vodka and Evil Habit of Drinking — 232

Z.К. Кasyanenkо. On History of Editing Mongolian ‘Gandzhur’ — 252

A.G. Sazykin. Mongolian Manuscripts and Xylographs Donated to the Asiatic Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences by B. Ya. Vladimirtsov — 265

List of Abbreviations — 298


Аннотация, Предисловие, Содержание, Contents


Boris Vladimirtsov
Mongolian history
Mongolian history
Mongolian language
Mongolian literature
Mongolica, annotations

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