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Lundysheva O., Turanskaya A., Umemura H. Catalogue of the Old Uyghur manuscripts and blockprints in the Serindia Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS. Volume 1 [=Каталог древнеуйгурских рукописей и ксилографов Сериндийского фонда Института восточных рукописей РАН. Том 1] / Edited by P. Zieme. Manuscripts conservation by K. Korosteleva. With forewords by I. F. Popova and T. Hamashita. Tokyo: The Toyo Bunko, 2021. 386 p., ill. ISBN: 978-4-8097-0306-5

One of the global tasks of preserving the cultural heritage of the Central Asian peoples along the Silk Road is the study of the Old Uyghur texts which are preserved in numerous collections of Europe, Asia and U.S. The three largest collections of written materials from the Tarim regions between Kucha and Hami and especially from the Turfan basin are located in Berlin, St. Petersburg and Kyoto. It has been an honourable task for me to work as a coordinator and advisor for a joint project between scholars of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Toyo Bunko in Tokyo, which aims to produce a catalogue of the Old Uyghur texts of the Serindia collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts in St. Petersburg. The first volume, prepared by Olga Lundysheva and Anna Turanskaya of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, in addition to Hiroshi Umemura of the Toyo Bunko, presents the fragments of the Serindia collection that were published since the early days of Wilhelm Radloff up to now, including — depending on what the colleagues have reported to us about their plans — as far as possible also publications that have not yet appeared. Images of a considerable number of fragments conclude the volume. This first part of the catalogue of published texts already underlines the great importance of the Serindia collection for Turkology as a whole and for the study of Old Uyghur culture and literature in particular. It is hoped that the following volumes will be published in the same effective manner. With thanks to all responsible persons and to the collaborators I wish the project of cataloguing the Old Uyghur written materials of St. Petersburg a continuation soon presenting the results on the larger group of the materials which remained unedited. I hope that the present catalogue will be well received by all colleagues who are also invited to participate in the work of editing Serindia texts and, if necessary or possible, to contribute to the cataloguing work by providing corrections and additions.

Peter Zieme,
Chief editor


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