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Gakhun. Lives of Eminent Korean Monks (Haedong Kosung Chon) [Какхун. Жизнеописания достойных монахов Страны, что к востоку от моря (Хэдон косын чон)] / Introduction, translation from Hanmun, notes and indices by Dr Y.V.Boltach. St Petersburg University 2007. 184 p.


The book contains a detailed study and annotated translation of Lives of Eminent Korean Monks. Being composed by a scholar-monk Gakhun in the beginning of the 13th century, this text is the earliest extant book of its genre in Korea. It preserves unique information on the spread of Buddhism in Korea and ways of its adaptation to the local system of beliefs, as well as on the ideology, political system and international relations of ancient Korean states. The text has been translated into the Russian language for the first time.

The research article opens with a short Introduction, which gives the general information about the Lives of Eminent Korean Monks and states the importance of studying this text. The first chapter (Personages of the Lives… in the Context of Their Epoch) contains the outline of the early history of Buddhism in Korea, intended to put the subjects of Lives into a broader historical context. The second chapter (Gakhun and His Sources) is dedicated to the critical reconstruction of Gakhun’s biography, accompanied with the analysis of the main literary sources used by this author. The third chapter (The Fate of the Lives…) is devoted to the research of the historical destiny of the Lives… and to the description of the existing manuscripts and early editions of this text. The fourth chapter (The Inner Structure of the Lives…) includes the typological classification of the biographies found in the text and a critical survey of the various reconstructions of the contents of the lost part of the Lives…. The fifth chapter (The Style of the Lives…) deals with the stylistics and language of the text. The research article is concluded with a Translator’s Note dedicated to the methodology of the translation.

The main part of the book contains the full translation of the Lives… into Russian. The translation is followed by a thorough commentary. Besides references to the textual differences between existing copies of the Lives… and analysis of the obscure passages, the commentary includes information concerning historical personages, places and literary works mentioned in the text, and gives explanations of specific Buddhist expressions.

The supplements include bibliography and indexes of personal names, place names and titles of literary works.

The book is supplied with sixteen color illustrations depicting the historical sites mentioned in the Lives….


Аннотация, Содержание, Введение, «Герои „Жизнеописаний достойных монахов Страны, что к востоку от моря“ и их эпоха»


Korean Buddhism
Korean history

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