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Safarali Khaybulloevich

Senior Researcher at the IOM RAS
Academic Secretary of the Section of South Asian Studies at the IOM RAS
Candidate of Sciences (equiv. Ph.D.) - History
Born on February 22, 1976 in Dushanbe, Tadjik SSR.

In 1999 graduated the Department of Philosophy of Humanity at the A.I. Hertsen Russian State Pedagogical University.

On December 01, 1999 was admitted to the doctoral course at the St.-Petersburg Branch of Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science.

In June 30, 2004 defended the PhD dissertation entitled The Concept of Royal Power in Buddhist Canonical and Postcanonical sources.

From December, 2002 up to present - researcher at the St.-Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (now the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts) of the Russian Academy of Science.

His major academic interests are socio-political ideology in the countries of the Asian-Pacific Region, biographies of Buddhist teachers and kings.

Publications ( the entire list as a *.pdf file)


Shomakhmadov S. The Sanskrit Fragment of Kṣāntivādi-jātaka in ‘Proto-Śāradā’ Script from the Serindia Collection of IOM, RAS // Written Monuments of the Orient. Vol. 8, No. 1(15), 2022. P. 3–15.


Mesheznikov A., Shomakhmadov S. The Updated Data on Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Serindia Collection (IOM, RAS): Perspectives of the Study // Written Monuments of the Orient. Vol. 6, No. 2(12), 2020. P. 22—42.


Shomakhmadov S. [Review:] S.L. Burmistrov. Rukopisi shkoly Vedanta v sobraniiakh Instituta vostochnykh rukopisei RAN: annotirovannyi katalog [Manuscripts of Vedānta School in the collections of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of RAS: annotated catalogue]. Moscow: Nauka–Vostochnaia Literatura, 2018. — 479 pp. (Pis’mennye pamiatniki Vostoka. CLII) // Written Monuments of the Orient, 1(9) 2019. P. 99—102.

Shomakhmadov S. Vyākaraṇa as a Method of Rational Cognition in the Buddhist Written Sources // Written Monuments of the Orient, 1(9) 2019. P. 24—36.


Shomakhmadov S.H. [Review:] Indische Handschriften. Teil 19. Die Śāradā-Handschriften der Sammlung Janert der Staatsbibliothek — Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Beschrieben von Gеrhard Ehlers. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2016, 145 p. // Written Monuments of the Orient. 1(7), 2018. P. 124–126.


Шомахмадов С. X. Учение о царской власти (Теории имперского правления в буддизме) / Ответственный редактор В.И.Рудой. СПб.: Петербургское Востоковедение, 2007. 272 с. (Серия «Orientalia»).

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