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Dr S.Frantsouzoff's Visit to Vienna Print E-mail

During 8-12 December, 2009, Dr S.Frantsouzoff, senior researcher at the IOM RAS, stayed in Austria along with Dr Y.A.Vinogradov, the Institute of the History of Material Culture, both of them being invited by the Institute for Oriental Studies (Institut für Orientalistik), the Faculty of Philology and Cultural Studies (Philologisch-kulturwissenschaftliches Fakultät), University of Vienna (Universität Wien).

Dr S.Frantsouzoff delivered two lectures in English at the Department of Arabic Studies, headed by Prof Dr Stefan Prochazka) such as

  • December 9, New approaches towards the palaeography of Hadramitic inscriptions;
  • December 11, New approaches towards the history of Ancient Hadramawt.

Dr Y.Vinogradov delivered one lecture

  • December 11, New archaeological discoveries at Raybun (Hadramawt) and Socotra.

The lectures were attended by 30 to 40 colleagues such as Prof Dr Walter Dostal, the great expert in Yemenite ethnography, Dr. phil. Roswitha Stiegner, Graz University, a disciple of Maria Höfner, one of the founders of Sabaeic Studies.


South Arabian Antiquities at the Kunsthistoriches Museum, Wien


The announcement of the second lecture by Dr S.A.Frantsouzoff and the lecture by Dr Y.A.Vinogradov at the hall of the Institute for Oriental Studies, Wien University


Dr Y.Vinogradov (right) and Prof Dr Walter Dostal (left)

Dr S.Frantsouzoff and Dr Y.A.Vinogradov before the beginning of their lectures 

Prof Dr Stefan Prochazka (right) introduces Dr S.Frantsouzoff (left) 

Dr S.Frantsouzoff delivers his lecture

Dr. phil. Roswitha Stiegner (left) and Dr Y.Vinogradov at the lecture by Dr S.Frantsouzoff


Dr Y.Vinogradov is going to deliver his lecture


Prof. Dr. Walter Dostal at the lecture by Dr Y.Vinogradov

Photos by Dr S.Frantsouzoff

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