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Vostrikov A. Tibetan Historical Literature / Tr. by H. Ch. Gupta. Calcutta: R.D.Press, 1970.


Professor Andrei Ivanovich Vostrikov was one of the distinguished representatives of the Russian scholars of Oriental studies. He made an enormous contribution to the study of the history and philosophy of Tibet and India, though his untimely death put an abrupt end to this creTtive academic life.

In 1931, Professor Vostrikov prepared for publication his work О filosofii Darmakirti [On the philosophy of Dharmakirti]. In 1933, he translated from Sanskrit Kautilya's political and economic treatise — The Arthashastra — jointly with Academician Shcherbatskoi, Academician Ol'denburg, Professor Obermiller and B. V. Semichov, and also compiled a terminological lexicon to it.

In 1934, Vostrikov published the article Logical Works of Vasubandhu, and the next year he completed the monograph Logic of Vasubandhu which is a comprehensive treatment of the problem on the basis of all available sources. In 1934, he also published in the Indian Historical Quarterly (vol xi, No. 1, March 1935) his article The Nyayavartika of Uddyotakara and the Vadanyaya of Dharmakirti.

Towards the end of his life, Professor A. I. Vostrikov was engaged in the study and translation of the ancient Sanskrit philosophical monument Kalacakra. He prepared for the press a composite text of the Kalacakra from two manuscripts (one preserved in London and the other the southern edition of the Kalacakra ; the latter was brought from India by Professor I. P. Minaev) and a Tibetan translation. He was also translating this work into Russian and writing a commentary on it, but he could not complete these.

A. I. Vostrikov paid great attention to Tibetan studies. He worked on the compilation of a scientific grammar of the Tibetan language, which was completed by Shcherbatskoi in 1941. However, the problems of the Tibetan historical literature held a greater attraction for Vostrikov. In 1934 was published his article Bibliografiya tibetskoi literatury [Bibliography of Tibetetan Literature] in the journal Bibliografiya Vostoka (Nos. 2-4). This article contains a critical analysis of the article of van Manen (Contribution to the Bibliography of Tibet) and some new valuable information on Tibetan historical literature. In 1936, this article was published in English (Some Corrections and Critical Remarks on Dr. J. van Manen's “Contribution to the Bibliography of Tibet”, — Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, London, vol. viii, 1935, pp 51-76) when it attracted a most lively attention of the Tibetologists of the whole world.

Of the remaining works of A. I. Vostrikov, mention must be made of the Letopis' barguzinskikh buryat [Annals of the Barguzinsk Buryats] and the article S. F. Ol’denburg i izuchenie Tibeta [S. F. Ol'denburg and the Study of Tibet], — which gives an outline of the history of Tibetan study in Russia and of the history of the formation of the collection of Tibetan manuscripts and xylographs (the largest in the world) in the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Peoples of Asia (Academy of Sciences, USSR).

The present monograph on Tibetan Historical Literature is the result of all that Vostrikov could do for a systematization and description of the vast and multifarious literature of Tibet, which till then had not been much studied. To this work is also appended a special table compiled by him for the conversion of the dates of Tibetan sexagenary cycle into European calendar.

14th June, 1958
N. P. Vostrikova


The entire monograph


Tibetan history
Tibetan literature

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