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Andrew Ivanovich

Doctor of Sciences (equiv. Habilitation) - Philology
(10.10.1902 — 26.09.1937)
Born 10(23).10.1902 in Ogarevka (Agarevka) place, Atkarsky district, Saratov region, to a family of a priest.

In 1924 graduated from the Socio-Pedagogical Department of the Faculty of Sociological Sciences, Petrograd University. A lecturer of Leningrad Oriental Institute and Leningrad University (from 1929), member of the Asian Museum (from 1926) and Institute of the Buddhist Culture (1928-29). From 1930 he was senior researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. A pupil of Acad. Th.I.Stcherbatsky (Sanskrit, Tibetan) and Prof. B.Y.Vladimirtsov (Mongolian).

In 1928-1932 Vostrikov spent five Summers in the Buryat-Mongolian Republic where he studied both the life of Buddhist datsangs and Buddhism itself as religion and philosophic teaching. From these trips he brought an enormous number of the Tibetan xylographs and manuscripts, most of which were passed to the Institute. Vostrikov took great care of his personal library, too, and, according to the words of Th.I.Stcherbatsky it had “the exceptional value”.

On January 15, 1935 he was awarded an Habilitation degree (without a defence).

In the 30s Vostrikov's main areas of study were the principal texts of the Hindu philosophic system Nyāya, treatises on Buddhist logic and “Kālacakra-tantra”.

At the beginning of 1937 Vostrikov was appointed the head of the Tibetan group of the IOS. But on the 8th or 9th of April (perhaps, on the night of the 9th), 1937, he was arrested by the Secret Service NKVD and executed on the 26th of September, 1937, in Leningrad. He was rehabilitated in 1956.

During his life, A.I.Vostrikov published just a few papers due to the ideological censorship. After his arrest a significant number of his manuscripts was lost, particularly a substantial monograph “The Logic of Vasubandhu” (in English) which had been sent to India. However, thanks to the efforts of N.P.Vostrikova (his wife) and G.N.Roerich, his book “Tibetan Historical Literature” was published. Several years later it was translated into English and immediately became a classical work of International Tibetology.

Publications ( the entire list as a *.pdf file)


Vostrikov A. Tibetan Historical Literature / Tr. by H. Ch. Gupta. Calcutta: R.D.Press, 1970.

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