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Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies (State Hermitage Museum and Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St Petersburg, 14–19 September 2015). Volume I: Studies on Pre-Islamic Iran and on Historical Linguistics. In English and German. Scholarly editor P. B. Lurje. St Petersburg: State Hermitage Publishers, 2019 – 386 pp. + XVI colour plates. ISBN 978-5-93572-866-3 (vol. 1); ISBN 978-5-93572-869-4.


Editor’s note — 5

Agustí Alemany. Alans and Sogdians in the Crimea: on nomads, traders and Namengeschichten — 7

Pooriya Alimoradi. Zand-i Wahman Yašt: the New Persian version — 16

Pavel Basharin. Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto‑Iranian language contacts with Proto-North Caucasian — 30

Julian Bogdani and Luca Colliva. Activities of the Italian archaeological mission in Iraqi Kurdistan: a preliminary report — 47

Ching Chao-jung. The four cardinal directions in Tumshuqese — 66

Emily J. Cottrell, Micah T. Ross. Persian astrology: Dorotheus and Zoroaster, according to the medieval Arabic sources (8th – 11th century) — 87

Iris Colditz. Women without guardianship — 106

Matteo Compareti. The ‘eight divinities’ in Khotanese paintings: local deities or Sogdian importation — 117

Maryam Dara. The comparison between the subjects and written patterns of Urartian and Old Persian royal inscriptions — 133

Matteo de Chiara. Describing Pashto verbal morphology — 143

Bruno Genito. Building no 3 in Dahāne-ye Gholāmān, Eastern Iran (Sistan): an Achaemenid religious puzzle — 154

Sebastian Heine. Anmerkungen zur historischen Phonologie und Lexik des Kurdischen (Kurmanji) — 182

Camilla Insom. Reshaping sacred landscape: notes on Sufi cult in Sangaw village shrines — 193

Thomas Jügel. The development of the object marker in Middle Persian — 203

Nargis J. Khojaeva. Again to the question of localization of Avestan Airiianəm-Vaējō — 220

Mateusz M. Kłagisz. Middle Persian Yōšt ī Fr(i)yān as Proppʼs folk-tale — 228

Jiulio Maresca. The pottery from Dahane-ye Gholaman (Sistan): the state of art — 249

Jafar Mehr Kian, Vito Messina. The sanctuary and cemetery of Shami: research of the Iranian-Italian joint expedition in Khuzistan at Kal-e Chendar — 271

S. Fatemeh Musavi. Pahlavi and Sanskrit interpretations of Gāϑā 31, an analysis — 286

Ogihara Hirotoshi. Tumshuqese imperfect and its related forms — 297

Filip Palunčić. Ossetic historical phonology and North-Eastern Iranian anthroponomastics from the North Pontic region 1st – 5th c. CE — 311

Gabriele Puschnigg. Functional variation in pottery repertoires from the Parthian and Sasanian period — 330

Chiara Riminucci. Parokṣakámá hi devàh „denn die Götter lieben das Mysteriöse“. Zur Komposition des Bahrām-Yašt — 350

Ehsan Shavarebi. Sasanians, Arsacids, Aramaeans: Ibn al-Kalbī’s account of Ardashīr’s Western campaign — 363

Fahimeh Tasalli bakhsh. Speech representation in Yashts; a narratological approach — 379

Abbreviations — 385


Contents, Editors’s note


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