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Tumanovich N. An Indian Collection of Persian Folk Tales // Manuscripta Orientalia. Vol. 4, No 1, March 1998. P. 3-8.

Manucsript В 256 in the holdings of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies is today known to the scholarly world only through three reference publications. The first is Melanges Asiatiques, vol. X, p. 290, which contains a register of the Asiatic Museum's acquisitions appended to the 1880 annual report by its chief keeper, K. Salemann. Entry number 8 in the register is Majmu'a-i hikayat, and indicates the size of the manuscript and the sender of the package in which it arrived. The second, more detailed, mention is contained in the short alphabetical catalogue of Persian and Tadjik manuscripts in the collection of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies under No. 3921. The manuscript contains a collection of Persian folk tales, fifty-six works in all. O.F.Akimushkin, the author of the entry, enumerated the headings of all the tales in the manuscript and indicated a series of correspondences with tales noted in the most authoritative European and Asian catalogues. The third mention comes in the description of the collection of folklore manuscripts, where each of the tales is treated as a separate work and supplied with annotations and a bibliography. In my work on the last of the enumerated publications, I was able to make a series of important observations about manuscript В 256, which go beyond the narrow limits of formal description…


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Great Moghul period
Manuscripta Orientalia, selected papers
Persian folk tales

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