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Japanese Mosaic. In memoriam of Professor V. N. Goregliad [Японская мозаика: сборник статей памяти профессора В. Н. Горегляда]. Ed. by A.M.Kabanov & K.G.Maranjian. St Petersburg, Giperion Publishers 2009.


The book of articles is dedicated to the memory of Professor V. N. Goregliad (1932-2002), an acknowledged authority in the field of Japanese studies, one of the scholars who represented the St. Petersburg school of Japanology.

The volume of the collected articles contains papers written by thirteen researchers from different countries — Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok), Japan, and the USA. The topics covered in the papers are related to various aspects of Japanese culture. United in one volume they symbolically embody deep gratitude and respect to Professor V. N. Goregliad from his disciples.

In the opening paper K. Marandjian reveals basic biographical facts about V. N. Goregliad, traces the scholar's academic career and highlights his contribution to the Russian Japanese studies. There are three papers related to traditional Japanese literature: the paper by T. Breshwets on Fujiwara Teika's One hundred Poem Sequence, the paper by L.Ermakova on early Japanese lyric poetry and the paper by M. V. Toropygina on the role of poetry in the literary genre otogi-zoshi.

The article by A. Kabanoff touches upon the phenomenon of ritual suicides practiced by the adepts of the Pure Land Buddhist Sect.

E. Varshavskaya examines portraits of Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide and Toyotomi Hideyoshi from the Taiheiki Eiyu Den series by Kuniyoshi. G. Spiridonov explores sculpture from the Nikko mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The new new religions in Japan are discussed in the article by V. Gromov. The paper by K. Marandjian is centered on the Siddham script used for the recording of Sanskrit Buddhist texts. Political caricature of the Meiji period practically unknown in Russia is covered by Yu. Mikhailova. Two articles are related to language topics — one of them written by I. Bass is concerned with ellipsis in Japanese, the other produced by A. Akulov inquires into the history of Ainu language. The last paper by S. Bulatsev narrates about the relation between traditional martial arts and contemporary Japanese society.

Despite the variety of topics and approaches the book is intended to all those who are interested in Japanese culture.


Аннотация, От редакции; К.Г.Маранджян. «Ученый-энциклопедист»; Summary, Содержание


Prof Dr Vladislav Goreglyad

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