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Serge Leonidovich

Leading Researcher at the IOM RAS
Curator of the Doctoral Programs at the IOM RAS
Doctor of Sciences (equiv. Habilitation) - Philosophy
Born on August 3, 1976, in Leningrad.

In 1999, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University. In 2002, defended his PhD dissertation, Comparative Analysis of Historical and Philosophical Conceptions of S.Radhakrishnan and S.Dasgupta [Сравнительный анализ историко-философских концепций С. Радхакришнана и С. Дасгупты], supervised by Prof Dr M.Ya.Korneev and Prof Dr A.S.Kolesnikov. In 2010, defended his Habilitation Dissertation, The Historical and Philosophical Conception of Surendranath Dasgupta. A Comparativist Analysis [Историко-философская концепция Сурендранатха Дасгупты: компаративистский анализ]. Both dissertations were defended at the Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University.

From 2003 to 2011, gave courses of lectures on modern foreign philosophy, including Eastern philosophy, at the Faculties of Philosophy, Philology and Economics of St Petersburg State University.

From October 2011 up to present, leading researcher at the Section of South Eastern Studies, the IOM RAS.

Major research area - the history of Indian philosophy, particularly Vedānta, Sanskrit manuscripts, modern Western philosophy, philosophical comparativism, theoretical sociology.



The Vedānta Manuscripts Kept in the Indian collections of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences: An Annotated Catalogue [Рукописи школы веданта в собраниях Института восточных рукописей РАН: аннотированный каталог]. Compiled with introductory papers, translations and indexes by S. L. Burmistrov. Moscow: Nauka — Vostochnaya Literatura Publishers, 2018. 479 p. (Pamyatniki pis’mennosti Vostoka. CLII). ISBN 978-5-02-039832-0


Burmistrov S.L. The Concept of Dravya in Yogācāra and Vaiśeṣika: a Comparative Philosophical Analysis // Written Monuments of the Orient. 1(7), 2018. P. 55–77.

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