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Vassily Mikhailovich

Doctor of Sciences (equiv. Habilitation) - Philology
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
(02.01.1881 — 12.05.1957)
January 2(14), 1881, St Petersburg – May 12, 1957, Leningrad. Buried at the Shuvalovskoe Cemetery, Leningrad/St Petersburg.

1890-1898, attended the Kronstadt Male Grammar School;

1898-1903, studied at St Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Oriental Studies;

1902-1904, took the professorship program, passed the exam for the Master’s degree;

1904-1906, took an academic training in England, France, and Germany;

1906-1909, took an academic training in China (1907, took part in the expedition of Prof E. Chavannes through China);

1907, a full member of the North China Department of the Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing;

1911, took an academic training in France, attended the lectures by Prof E. Chavannes;

1911, a full member of the Russian Geographic Society and candidate member of the Russian Archaeological Society;

1912, took an academic trip to China for the gathering of research data;

1910-1950, a privatdocent, from 1917, a docent, from 1918, a professor at St Petersburg/Leningrad State University, the Faculty of Oriental Studies;

1913-1930, a junior researcher (from 1918, a senior researcher), an academic curator at the Asiatic Museum, the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences; 1930-1951, headed the Chinese Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the USSR Academy of Sciences;

20.11.1916, received his MA with the thesis, The Chinese Poem about the Poet: Stanzas by Ssu-k’ung Tu (837-907) [Китайская поэма о поэте: Стансы Сыкун Ту (837-907 гг.)];

1918-1930, the full member of the Board of the Orientalists at the Asiatic Museum of the USSR Academy of Sciences;

1919-1927, headed the Department of Foreign Languages, the Geographic Institute (Petrograd/Leningrad), lecturer at the Geographic and Polytechnic Institutes;

1919-1925, a member of the advisory board of the Vsemirnaya Literatura Publishers (the world classic literature series), a member of the editorial board of the Vostok (Orient) Journal;

1919-1950, a member of the presidium of the Russian Academy of Material Culture;

1920-1938, headed the Chinese Section of the Institute of Live Eastern Languages;

1921-1928, a researcher at the Institute of Comparative Studies of Literature and Languages of the East and the West, Leningrad State University;

1923, a corresponding member at the USSR Academy of Sciences, delivered lectures and made research work in England, Germany, and France;

1925-1928, delivered lectures at the N.G. Tolmachev Military Political Academy;

1926, delivered lectures in England and France, then took part in the ethnological and linguistic expedition to Mongolia and China;

1927-1930, a member of the Pacific Ocean Committee of the USSR Academy of Sciences;

1928, a full member of the Academic Council at the Eastern Department of the State Hermitage;

1928-1930, a researcher at the Institute of Buddhist Culture, the USSR Academy of Sciences;

1929, an academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a corresponding member of the Beijing State Library;

12.01.1929, the Doctor of Sciences (equiv. Habilitation) - Philology, without defense;

1930, headed the Commission for the Romanization of Chinese;

1932, a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences (Philadelphia);

1937, an honored member of the American Oriental Society;

1946, a member of the National Geographic Society (Washington);

1947, a member of the USSR Union of Writers.

The Prof Dr V. Alekseev collections:

Plates: the IOM RAS (about 800 items); the State Hermitage (about 500 items).

Folk Pictures: the State Hermitage (about 3000 items), the Museum of History of Religion (about 3000 items), the Kunstkamera (about 1300 items).

Post paper, decorated envelopes (unnumbered).

Compiled by Prof Dr Lev N. Menshikov



Alekseev V.M. The Academic Study of the Orient. Papers and Documents [Наука о Востоке. Статьи и документы]. Editorial Board: M.V.Bankovskaya, L.N.Menshikov, V.V.Petrov, N.T.Fedorenko, L.Z.Eidlin. Moscow: Nauka GRVL Publishers 1982. 535 p.


La littérature chinoise: Six conférences un Collège de France (Novembre 1926) par Basile Alexéiev. P.: Guethner, 1937. 232 p. (Annales du Musée Guimet: Bibliotheque de vulgarisation. T. 52.)


The Chinese Gods of Wealth. A lecture delivered at the School of Oriental Studies, University of London, on 26th March, 1925 by Basil M. Alexeiev, Professor of Chinese; Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciences, Asiatic Museum, Leningrad. Published by the School of Oriental Studies in conjunction with The China Society, 1928.

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