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Igor Romanovich

Born in Leningrad/St Petersburg on August 19, 1961.

In 1984, graduated from the Historical Faculty of Leningrad Pedagogical University. Worked as a school teacher of history, then as an editor at the Library of the USSR Acadedmy of Sciences. From 1988 to 1990, a doctoral student at the Leningrad/St Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, supervised by Dr Ilia Shiffmann, then, after his death, by Dr Igor Diakonoff. In 1993, defended his PhD dissertation, The Ideological Beliefs of Qumran Community: the Teacher of Rightiousness and Doctrine of the Messiah in Qumran [Идеологические представления Кумранской общины: Учитель праведности и кумранский мессианизм]. From 1990 to 1997m worked as a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1996, defended the Habilitation Dissertation, History and Ideology in the Qumran Community [История и идеология Кумранской общины]. From 1997 up to present, professor at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, the Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University, gives lectures on the Bible studies and Bible History, the history and culture of Judea during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, manuscripts from the Dead Sea, apocrypha and pseudo-epigraphs, Ancient Judaism.

Dr I.Tantlevskij head the Centre for Bible and Judaic Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, St Petersburg State University, founded in 2000 as a joint project of St Petersburg State University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 1996, professor at the St Petersburg Institute for Jewish Studies.



Шифман И.Ш. Набатейское государство и его культура. Из истории доисламской Аравии / Ответственный редактор А. Г. Лундин. Выпускающий редактор проф. И. Р. Тантлевский. СПб.: Изд-во С.-Петерб. ун-та, 2007. 208 с.


Tantlevskij I. Melchizedek and the Teacher of Righteousness: Some Peculiarities of Messianic and Eschatological Texts from Qumran // Manuscripta Orientalia. Vol. 9, No 1, March 2003. P. 26-53.


Тантлевский И.Р. История и идеология Кумранской общины. Ответственный редактор К.Б.Старкова. — СПб.: Центр «Петербургское Востоковедение», 1994. — 384 с.

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