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First International Conference ‟Oriental Manuscripts: Codicology and Conservation Issues”(program) Print E-mail

The Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS

The First International Conference
Oriental Manuscripts:
Codicology and Conservation Issues

December 4‒6, 2019

St. Petersburg, Russia

December 4 (Wednesday)


Chairman: Irina Popova

10:00‒10.30. Opening. Welcome from Director of the IOM, Irina Popova

10.30‒10.50. Simone-Christiane Raschmann. Title of the paper: Book format as a key for identification?

10.50‒11.10. Peter Zieme. Notes on a peculiar manuscript of the Old Uygur Altun Yaruk sudur

11:10‒11:30. Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst. The Manichean texts and their formats in the Berlin Turfan Collection

11.40‒12.10. Coffee break

12.10‒12.30. Arakawa Shintarō. The Tangut scroll in Japan

12:30‒12:50. Ilya Zaytsev. Cataloguing of Arabic, Persian and Turkish Manuscripts, Documents and Old Printed Books at the Regional Museum in Ivanovo (Russia)

12:50‒13:10. Serikoff Nikolai. Some late Medieval attempts to include Christian Arabic literature into the ‟Islamic virtual library catalogue”

13:10‒14.00. Lunch


Chairman: Simone-Christiane Raschmann

14:00‒14.20. Liubov Kriakina. On the history of conservation laboratory of the IOM, RAS

14:20‒14:40. Marijana Kavčić. The Curse of Beauty: The Tinted Paper in the Oriental Manuscripts of the National and University Library ‟St. Kliment of Ohrid” (Skopje)

14:40‒15.00. Claudia Colini. Fifty shades of Black: typologies and terminology of black inks in the light of new discoveries

15:00‒15:20. Marco Fagiolo. Conservation of a Mamluk manuscript: approach and make decisions for its original structure preservation

15.20‒15.50. Coffee break

15:50‒16:10. Amélie Couvrat Desvergnes. Qāt'i or the Unseen: an insight into the technique of découpage manuscripts from Iran

16:10‒16:30. Ching Chao-jung. Cotton fibres within pre‒Islamic paper fragments unearthed from Xinjiang, China

16:30‒16:50. Anton Pritula. Manuscript Conservation or Fabrication of Fakes? Alqosh, Early 20th Century

16:50‒17:10. Emilie Arnaud-Nguyêñ. Central Asian papers (from the Pelliot collection): Historical, technological and comparative study

17:10‒17:30. Coffee break

17:30‒18:30. IOM RAS permanent exhibition

18:30‒21:00. Buffet

December 5 (Thursday)


Chairman: Tatiana Anikeeva

10:00‒11.00. Serguei Frantsouzoff. Arabic early printed books preserved in the collection of the IOM, RAS (temporary exhibition)

11:00‒11:20. Ekaterina Gusarova. The State of Modern Ethiopian Codicology: an overview

11:20‒11:40. Olga Vasilyeva . Towards the classification of the 15th‒17th centuries Persian artistic bindings: on the manuscripts from the National Library of Russia collections

11:40‒12:00. Olga Yastrebova. Three stamped bindings from Berlin, St.Petersburg and London

12:00‒12:30. Coffee break

12:30‒12:50. Michaël Peyrot. The manuscripts of the Araṇemijātaka

12:50‒13:10. Márton Vér. The Old Uyghur profane documents: their codicology and palaeography

13:10‒13:30. Tatiana Anikeeva. On Turkic manuscripts of the Yalta historical‒literature museum

13:30‒13:50. Mehmet Ölmez. On Old Uyghur Xuanzang manuscript according to St. Petersburg, Paris and Beijing libraries

13:50‒15:00. Lunch

15:00‒17.00. Workshop “Traditional Oriental book: scroll, concertina, butterfly-type book (Liubov Kriakina)

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera) tour

17.00‒17.30. Coffee break

18.00‒21.00. Workshop “Oriental calligraphy” (Kirill Tarkhanov)

December 6 (Friday)


Chairman: Tatiana Pang

10:00‒11.00. Ekaterina Gusarova. Ethiopian books preserved in the collection of the IOM, RAS (temporary exhibition)

11:00‒11:20. Alla Sizova, Olga Lundysheva. The Codicology of the “Serindian” forgeries kept at the IOM, RAS

11:20‒11:40. Pavel Lurje, Kirill Tarkhanov. Fragments of Manichean miniatures and calligraphy in the IOM RAS collection

11:40‒12:00. Anastasia Guryeva. Korean manuscripts of late-Joseon in relation with reading culture (based on Saint Petersburg collections)

12:00‒12:30. Coffee break

12:30‒12:50. Tatiana Pang. The Atlas of the Qing dynasty printed by Matteo Ripa

12:50‒13:10. Jing Feng. From Scroll to Codex: Some examples from Dunhuang and Turfan manuscripts

13:10‒13:30. Alexander Zorin. Some textological aspects of the study of two 18th century Kalmyk scrolls in Tibetan

13:30‒13:50. Anna Turanskaya. Tibetan books from Khara-khoto in the collection of the IOM, RAS

13.50‒14.50. Lunch

14.50‒16.30. Workshop “Traditional Oriental paper and silk under the microscope” (Liubov Kriakina)

16.30‒17.00. Coffee break

17.15‒19.00. State Hermitage Museum tour

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