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International academic conference "The 4th St. Petersburg Conference on Mongolian Studies" Print E-mail

On September 27, 2017

the international academic conference

‘The 4th St. Petersburg Conference on Mongolian Studies’

will be held at the IOM RAS

This permanent Russian-Mongolian international conference is held within the framework of the international scientific agreement between the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia and is dedicated to leading scholars. In previous years there have been conferences dedicated to the memory of B.Ya. Vladimirtsov (1884 1931), A.G. Sazykin (1943 2005) and to the anniversary of Z.K. Kasyanenko The forthcoming conference is dedicated to leading Russian mongolists, anniversaries of 2017: M.I. Holman (90th anniversary), K.N. Yatskovskaya (90th anniversary), V.V. Graivoronsky (80th anniversary), L.G. Skorodumova (70th anniversary). The conference is expected to discuss topical problems and prospects of Mongolian studies:

  • Literature, language, history of Mongolian peoples;
  • Problems of preservation of the written and oral heritage of Mongolian peoples.

The main aim of the conference is to present to the world scientific community the latest results of studying written and oral monuments of Mongolian literature. Particular attention is paid to modern methods of research and approaches to the study of topical problems of Mongolian studies.

Conference languages: Russian, Mongolian, English.

Conference applications are to be submitted to the Organizing Committee by August 1, 2017.

In the application please state your full name, academic degree and title, affiliation, e-mail address, the title of your paper and a short abstract (500 words).

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not correspond to the specified subject matter and are sent after the indicated deadline. The second circular will be sent after August 20, 2017.

The visa, transport and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants or their organizations. The publication of the conference proceedings is planned.


Sincerely yours,

Secretary of the Organizing Committee
Dmitry A. Nosov

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