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International Scholarly Conference “The Written Legacy of Dunhuang” (programme) Print E-mail

“The Written Legacy of Dunhuang”
the International Scholarly Conference
devoted to the memory of
L.N. Menshikov (1926–2005)
and L.I. Chuguevsky (1926–2000)

Supported by the Russian Foundation for Humanities, China Dunhuang Grottoes Conservation Research Foundation中国敦煌石窟保护研究基金会 (PRC) and Association of Chinese Artists and Musicians in Russia 俄罗斯华人艺术家协会

Collection of abstracts



Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS
(18, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, St. Petersburg)
(Green Hall)

10:00–11:00 – Registration

11:00–13:00 – Jubilee Scholarly Meeting for the memory of Lev Nikolayevich Menshikov (1926–2005) and Leonid Ioakimovich Chuguevsky (1926–2000)

Welcome, introductions, administration

POPOVA Irina. Памяти выдающихся российских дуньхуановедов Л.Н.Меньшикова (1926-2005) и Л.И.Чугуевского (1926-2002)

JIANG Weisong. 我们年轻的生命在圣彼得堡老去——纪念和感怀《俄藏敦煌文献》等多项大型丛书的合作出版

CHAI Jianhong. Russian Sinologist Lev Menshikov’s Contribution into the International Dunhuang Studies柴劍虹. 俄羅斯漢學家孟列夫對國際敦煌學的貢獻

12:30–14:00 – Lunch. Restaurant of the ‘Dom Uchenykh (Researchers’ House)’ (26, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya)

14:00–15:40 – Session

Chair: FAN Jinshi

WHITFIELD, Susan. Some Personal Impressions on the Cooperation with Professor Menshikov

LIU Jinbao 刘进宝. 孟列夫与俄藏敦煌文献研究

MENSHIKOVA Maria. Dunhuang Sculptures of Beasts: Who are they and where from they come?

MONNET, Nathalie. What was the appearance of the Dunhuang manuscripts in the 10th century?

YAMAGUCHI Masateru. 山口 正晃. 從佛名經來看東亞佛教圈 - 長安·敦煌·奈良 

15:40–16:00 – Break

16:00–18:00 – Session

Chair: CHAI Jianhong

TAKATA Tokio –高田時雄. On the Khara-khoto Fragment of Kehong's Phonetic and Semantic Glosses of the Chinese Tripitaka

FAN Jinshi. The Influence of Persian Culture on Dunhuang Art and Literature樊錦詩. 從敦煌圖像和文獻看波斯文化的影響

MOLLIER, Christine. «Heaven in Miniature: Talismans, Epigraphy, and Stellar Diagrams on Early Medieval Funerary Artifacts Excavated in the Dunhuang Region and their Eastern Han Antecedents from the Central Plains»

ARAMI Hiroshi 荒見泰史. The Dunhuang Manuscript of the Chajiulun and Comic Theatrical Performances at Buddhist Assemblies

CHEN Juxia 陈菊霞. 悬泉镇与榆林窟The Town of Xuanquang and the Yulin Grottoes


10:00–11:40 – Session

Chair: TAKATA Tokio

RASCHMANN, Simone-Christiane. The new database of the Academic project Union Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts in Germany and the cataloguing of the Old Uighur fragments of the Scripture on the Ten Kings (Shiwangjing)

ZIEME, Peter. Newly found Uighur printed texts of the Yuan period

YAO Chongxin. 姚崇新. 高昌回鹘王国的观音信仰与观音造像遗存

SIMS-WILLIAMS, Nicholas. New fragments of Manichaean calendars

SIMS-WILLIAMS, Ursula. The decipherment of Khotanese

11:40–12:00 – Break

12:00 –13:20 Session

Chair: HAO Chunwen

SHI Dacan. Some Comments on P.3904 “Kuan-shih-yin Sutra” 釋大參/ 華梵大學佛教學系助理教授 .敦煌P.3904號道微《觀世音經》註釋考論

YANG Mingchang. Jiǎng jīngwén and Kuiji’s jīngshū, auspicious culture: A study of Shíjíxiáng in the Dunhuang Manuscript Φ-223 in the Russian Collection楊明璋. 講經文、窺基經疏與祥瑞:Φ-223〈十吉祥〉探析

KUO Linying. A Collection of Dharani invocation Stanzas: Dunhuang Manuscript P.2197

RYZHENKOV Semen. A Study on Colophons of Mahāparinirvāṇa-mahāsūtra from Dunhuang (5th – 8th сс.)

13:20–14:30 – Lunch. Restaurant of the ‘Dom Uchenykh (Researchers’ House)’ (26, Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya)

14:30–16:40 – Session

Chair: ZHENG Binglin

LI Jun. Further discussion on the relationship between Guiyi Regime and Tang central government during Zhang Huaishen period李軍. 張淮深時期歸義軍與唐中央政府之關系再議

WU Jiongjiong. The Study of Newly Unearned Epitaph of Lady Liang, the Wife of Prefectural Governor of Shazhou吳炯炯. 新出《唐沙州刺史麻元泰妻梁氏墓記》考釋

XU Jianping. Zuozhuan in Dunhuang and the Study of Classics of the medieval period in China許建平. 敦煌《左傳》寫卷與中古經學

FU Junlian. The Compilation and Circulation of the Literary Works in Dunhuang with a Focus on the Manuscripts Дx-3871 and P.2555

YANG Fuxue. 杨富学. 敦煌写卷“落蕃诗”作者身份与时代再探

16:40–17:00 – Break

17:00–18:40 – Session

Chair: KUO Linying

WANG Chuan. The Group Construction of Buddhist Liturgical Ritual Manuscripts from Dunhuang based on the Confession Ritual 汪娟. 敦煌佛教儀式文書的群體建構──以禮懺儀節爲基礎

HUANG Jing. Notes on the Literary Style and Dating of ‘The Eulogy on the Six Kings Contemplation Death’黃京. 贊六宅王坐化詩撰寫年代、作者等相關問題考論

YOU Ziyong. 游自勇. 敦煌寫本S.2506V等唐代《失名史書》再探

HYUN Heangja (玄幸子) / GEN Yukiko. Methodology and significance of the new arrangement of the Dunhuang Popular Literature sources玄幸子. 再整理敦煌俗文學資料之方法與意義

WEI Yingchun. The Study of the Dunhuang Turkic Tribe and People in Later Tang and Five Dynasties Focusing on S.5448 Hun-zi-ying-miao-zhen-zan-bing-xu(渾子盈邈真贊并序)魏迎春 . 晚唐五代敦煌突厥渾部落及其居民考 ——以S.5448《渾子盈邈真贊并序》爲中心的考察

SEPTEMBER 3, Saturday

10:00–11:40 – Session

Chair: SIMS-WILLIAMS, Nicholas

DOU Huaiyong. On the gradual change of taboo characters in the Tang —— A Focus on Manuscripts from Dunhuang 竇懷永. 唐代避諱遞變字群研究——以敦煌寫卷爲中心

HAO Chunwen and WANG Xiaoyan. A Study on Characters with the Similar Writing Patterns in Dunhuang Manuscripts郝春文、王曉燕. 敦煌寫本中形近字同形手書舉例

ZHANG Xiaoyan. Notes on the Difficult Words in the Manuscripts of Shanhu Jiehua Xianfo Yinyuan(善惠借花獻佛因緣)Discovered in Dunhuang張小艷.敦煌本《善惠買花獻佛因緣》疑難字詞考釋

NAGATA Tomoyuki. The Preliminary Analysis on the Manual of Ornate Style Writing in the Medieval Dunhuang 敦煌“美文範例”初探

YAMAMOTO Takako 山本孝子. 《俄藏敦煌文獻中所見私人書札殘片敘錄》

11:40–12:00 – Break

12:00 –13:20 – Session

Chair: ZIEME, Peter

ZORIN Alexandеr. Two Tibetan Concertina Books Rediscovered at the IOM RAS

KAPSTEIN, Matthew T. The Earliest Example of Printing in the Tibetan Script: Remarks on a Dhāraṇī-amulet from Dunhuang

ZHENG Binglin 鄭炳林. 唐五代敦煌粟特人康氏家族研究Notes on Sogdian Kang Family in Dunhuang under the Tang and Five Dynasties

SOLONIN Kirill. Two Tangut versions of the Mahāsiddhas lore Closing Remarks


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