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International Conference "Z.K.Kasyanenko - Teacher and Mongolist" (newsletter 1) Print E-mail

Institute of Oriental Manuscripts,
Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of History and Archeology,
Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Language and Literature,
Mongolian Academy of Sciences

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The International Conference
“Z.K.Kasyanenko - Teacher and Mongolist”
(Devoted to her 90th birthday)

will be held on September 30 - October 1, 2015

In November 2015, Zoya K. Kasyanenko will celebrate her ninetieth birthday. She taught in the Department of Mongolian and Tibetan Studies of St.Petersburg State University’s Oriental Faculty for over fifty years. Her former students work as researchers at academic centers in Russia, Mongolia and many other countries. Her textbook on the Modern Mongolian language and her studies in Mongolian Ganjur textology have become fundamental works in those fields. She is a recipient of Mongolia’s highest state honour, the Order of the Polar Star.

Main subjects of the conference: Mongolian language, literature, textology, and history.

Venue: Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Dvortsovaya Emb. 18, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Conference languages: Russian, Mongolian, and English.

Conference applications are to be submitted to the Organising Committee ( before July 15, 2015. Please fill in an application form (attached) and write “Conference application” in the subject field of your e-mail.

The full abstracts (up to 2000 characters) are to be submitted to the Organising Committee before September 1, 2015, to be published before the conference.

You will receive the second circular after September 1, 2015.

The visa, transport and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants.

A publication of the conference proceedings is planned.

Organising Committee address: Russia, 191186, St. Petersburg, Dvortsovaya Emb. 18, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAN. Telephone: (812) 315-87-28. E-mail:

Co-chairs of the Organising Committee:

Irina Popova, IOM RAN, director

S.Chuluun, IHA MAS, director

L.Bold, ILL MAS, director

Secretary of the Organising Committee: Natalia Yakhontova

Members of the Organising Committee: Irina Kulganek, Dmitry Nosov, Tatiana Skrynnikova, Vladimir Uspensky, and Natalia Yampolskaya.

Last Updated ( 11/06/2015 )
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