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15/04/2015 Personalia: Kamalov A.K. 1949
07/04/2015 Paper: Uyghur Memoir Literature in Central Asia on Eastern Turkestan Republic (1944—49) 2018
07/04/2015 Paper: Uyghur Studies in Central Asia: A Historical Review 1964
07/04/2015 Paper: Sino-Uighurica: Revisiting the Uighur runic inscriptions and the T'ang sources 2267
02/04/2015 WMO 2(21), 2014 1602
31/03/2015 WMO 1(20), 2014 1688
27/03/2015 Paper: Manchu Collections in Paris 1947
25/03/2015 Paper: A Historical Sketch of the Study and Teaching of the Manchu Language in Russia (First part: up to 1920) 1922
20/03/2015 Monograph: Transactions of the Archives of Orientalists of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS - No. 1 (2011) 2762
06/03/2015 Monograph: Fifty Years in the East. The Memoirs of Wladimir Ivanow 2826
06/03/2015 Monograph: Words of Power. Ḥurūfi Teachings between Shi’ism and Sufism in Medieval Islam. The Original Doctrine of Faḍl Allāh 2210
06/03/2015 Monograph: Translating the Qur'an in an Age of Nationalism. Print Culture and Modern Islam 2325
06/03/2015 Monograph: Scripture, Poetry and the Making of Community. Reading the Qur'an as a Literary Text 1941
06/03/2015 Monograph: Tafsīr and Islamic Intellectual History. Exploring the Boundaries of a Genre 1865
02/03/2015 Monograph: Muslim Manuscripts: Quantitative Methods of Research. Selected articles 2238
28/02/2015 Monograph: Mongolica-XIII 2297
22/02/2015 Paper: New Acquisition of the Japanese Manuscript and Wood-block Printed Books Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS 1845
22/02/2015 Paper: Omens in Celestial Phenomena. On a Manchu Manuscript 1901
22/02/2015 Paper: A Manchu-Mongolian Diploma Given to the Wife of a Mongolian Nobleman 2281
22/02/2015 Paper: The First Mongolian Manuscript in Germany Reconsidered 2103
22/02/2015 Paper: Tangut Documents from Khara-Khoto concerning Loans of Grain 2053
22/02/2015 Paper: The Exegesis of Kṣemarāja on the Vijnānabhairava-tantra: Observations on the Śiva-Devī Tantric Dialogue 2109
22/02/2015 Paper: The Zoroastrian Manuscript in the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS (Short Reference and Structure) 1811
22/02/2015 Paper: Pahlavi Epistolary Formulae 1812
21/02/2015 Paper: Fragments of the Old Uighur Maitrisimit nom bitig in St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Berlin 2433
12/02/2015 Personalia: Terekhov A.E. 2101
04/02/2015 Monograph: The 5th Orientalist Conference in Memory of Dr. O.O.Rosenberg. Proceedings of the Conference — renewal 2976
03/02/2015 Personalia: Gusarova E.V. 2279
03/02/2015 Monograph: Mongolica-XII 2226
13/01/2015 Paper: A Dunhuang Document on the Division of Property from the Serindia Fund of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS 2416
29/12/2014 WMO, English 1(1) 2015 3228
28/12/2014 Monograph: Tibetology in St. Petersburg. Collected papers. Issue 1 2887
27/12/2014 Monograph: Collected papers in memory of O.O.Rosenberg 3148
16/11/2014 Paper: Historic-Philosophical Method as a Way of Interpreting a Concept of Brahman in the Early Vishishta-Advaita School 2529
16/11/2014 Paper: Lines of Development of the Tibetan Editions of Gzungs Bsdus Collection First Printed in the Rtag Brtan Monastery Founded by Tāranātha 2398
27/10/2014 Paper: Depictions of Tributaries of the August Qing and Hyacinth Bichurin’s First Album 2667
27/10/2014 Monograph: East Asian Studies: Festschrift in Honor of the Retirement of Professor TAKATA Tokio 2834
20/10/2014 Personalia: Helman-Ważny A. 2700
09/10/2014 Personalia: Lobova E.S. 2333
08/10/2014 WMO 2(19), 2013 2159
11/07/2014 Paper: The Islamic Studies Department of Petrograd State University 3084
16/06/2014 Monograph: Mongolica-XI 3970
25/05/2014 Personalia: Yampolskaya N.V. 3860
24/05/2014 Monograph: Russian Scholars on Ismailism 4260
24/05/2014 Personalia: Takata Tokio — renewal 4379
11/05/2014 Monograph: Russian Expeditions to Central Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century — renewal 5142
11/05/2014 Paper: Russian Expeditions and the Chinese Authorities in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries 5728
11/05/2014 Paper: Scholarly Respect in an Age of Political Rivalry 5303
11/05/2014 Paper: An English Participant in the Japanese Exploration of Central Asia. The Role of A.O. Hobbs in the Third Otani Expedition 5727
11/05/2014 Paper: Japanese Researchers of Russian Collections from Central Asia 5407
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