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Iakerson Sh.M. מבחר פנינים. Selected Pearls. Treasures of Jewish Culture in Saint-Petersburg (manuscripts, documents, incunabula, ritual objects [Избранные жемчужины. Уникальные памятники еврейской культуры в Санкт-Петербурге (рукописи, документы, инкунабулы, культовая утварь)]. St Petersburg, 2003. 144 p. (Russian English bulingual edition).

The album «Selected Pearls» is a modest contribution on the part of the Jewish religious community to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. You see here the first attempt to show the general public various samples of masterpieces of the Jewish culture, kept in the city collections. These are folios of unique manuscripts and incunabula, documents and ritual and cult objects (i. e. the objects involved in the synagogues' interior decoration, in different Judaism rites execution, into the Torah scrolls). The album contains fourty five plates with sixty four items (books, pieces of applied art). Among them are folios of the earliest dated Hebrew manuscripts, writings preserved only in the St. Petersburg collections, the very first incunabula in Hebrew, unique silver ritual objects and many others. Each plate has a description of the piece presented, of the area of its use and a reference to its significance for the cultural history. Apart from the demonstration of the «pearls» themselves and their stories, the readers are offered a trip into the history of the St. Petersburg Judaic collections formation and a list of major literary works dealing with their study. In view of the presented matter exclusive scientific and cultural value the album is edited in two languages: Russian and English. The album will be of interest to the most diverse sections of the public not indifferent to the Jewish culture and also, to people fond of books and decorative applied arts.


Contents, Foreword, Dedication, Annotation


Jewish culture
Jewish manuscripts
ritual objects

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