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Valeyev R. M., Zhukov V. Y., Kulganek I. V., Martynov D. E., Polyanskaya O. N. Biography and Academic Legacy of Orientalist Józef Kowalewski (Based on Materials from Archives and Manuscript Collections). Ed. by R. M. Valeyev, I. V. Kulganek. Saint Petersburg — Kazan: St. Petersburg Centre for Oriental Studies Publishers 2020. 440 p.: ill. ISBN 978-5-85803-537-4

The monograph ‟Biography and academic legacy of orientalist Józef Kowalewski” (1800/01– 1878) has been prepared by a team of orientalists of Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Ulan-Ude. It is devoted to the academic work of the Russian and Polish Mongolian scholar Józef Kowalewski, whose scientific achievements are immense and have global significance. Being a wonderful expert on the Mongolian language, culture and history, he wrote quite a few fundamental works on Buddhism, literature and language of Mongolian peoples. Among those is a French-Russian-Mongolian dictionary, which has been highly regarded and widely used by experts even up until now. The first academic department of Mongolian philology was opened in Kazan University during the period of his work there, and he headed this department for over a decade and a half.

This monograph is devoted to the period that preceded the blossom of Mongolian studies in Russia, the development of this focus area in Kazan University is defined and described, a biographical profile of Józef Kowalewski is presented, his academic work and his contribution to Мongolian studies in Russia are analyzed.

Certain attention is given to the epistolary legacy of the scholar, his unpublished archival materials, which are stored in the archives of Kazan and Saint Petersburg, including ones that are introduced into the academic discourse for the first time. These include letters, diaries and academic works by Józef Kowalewski.


Annotation, Forewords, Introduction, Summary


history of Oriental studies
Kowalewski, Józef

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