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Bazilenko I.V. Essays on History of Russian-Iranian Relations (end of XVI - early XX cc) [Очерки истории российско-иранских отношений (конец XVI — начало XX вв.)]. St. Petersburg, Argus SPb, 2017. 432 p. ISBN 978-5-9909650-5-8

Russia is the heartland of Eurasia and Iran is the heartland of the Middle East. The Middle East is a relative term used for the region of West Asia and often understood as the designation of the sum of the countries of the Middle East along with Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The term “Iran” — the name of the country that for many centuries was Russia’s southern neighbor — comes from the toponym “Eranshahr” (“Kingdom of Aryans”), which was the term used by the Sassanid Persian Empire for its homeland (224-651).

“Arya” are the Aryan tribes who created independent state formations in the vast territorial expanse of Eurasia by the first millennium BC and are considered the common ancestors of the present Slavic and Iranian peoples.

Orthodox Russia and Shi’ite Iran have for centuries been associated not only by certain political relations, but also by the mystical unity of spiritual culture inherent to the descendants of the Aryan peoples. The idea of this unity of Aryan peoples — as well as theories of common origin, hypotheses explaining the similarity of developmental paths, elements of culture, and features of national characters — all of these factors, sometimes regardless of their degree of reliability and conformity to historical truth prevailing in any given time period, are as real as they exert their influence on the worldview of their contemporaries, and, as a consequence, on the entire course of the subsequent history and fate of civilization.

Consequently, the study of the history of Russian-Iranian relations at all stages of development acquires a special meaning and plays an important role in predicting the future of the two peoples...


Содержание, Введение, Указатель имен, Summary


the history of Iran
the history of Russia
Russian-Iranian Relations

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