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Marakhonova S.I. Serge Elisseeff s Order of the Sacred Treasure. How the Son of a Russian Merchant Became the “Father” of the American Japanology [Орден Священного сокровища Сергея Елисеева. Как сын русского купца стал основателем американского японоведения]. Saint Petersburg: SINEL, 2016. ISBN 978-5-9908187-6-7.

This book is the first academic biography of the outstanding Russian, French and American Japanologist Sergei Grigorievich Eliseev (Serge Elisseeff), a descendent o f the Eliseevs dynasty of merchants, well-known in Russia. It is based on archive documents from Russia, Japan, France and USA and dialogues with Elisseeffs relatives from several countries. The book describes his study at the Tokyo Imperial university where he was the first European graduate in 1912. His role in the development o f the Russian Japanology and his scientific and pedagogical activities in emigration are shown. In Paris he taught at the School o f Oriental Languages and the Practical School o f Research. In USA he was the first Director of the Harvard-Yenching Institute and a Professor at the Harvard University. He was called “The Father” of the Far-Eastern studies in the USA. The book describes Elisseeff s training of the military interpreters and his work as the USA government consultant during World War II. He played an important role in saving Kyoto from American bombing. Previously unknown facts concerning Elisseeff s colleagues, friends and relatives are presented. The book has many original pictures granted by Elisseeffs’ relatives and friends. Attachments contain diaries and letters of the scholar. The book is written for orientalists, historians, culturologists, historians of science and Russian emigration, and a wide range o f readers interested in the lives of compatriots who realized themselves out of Russia due to historic circumstances.


Annotation, Introduction, Contents


Elisseeff, Sergei
history of Oriental Studies

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