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Countries and Peoples of the East [Страны и народы Востока] / General editor of the series M.N.Bogolyubov. Ed. by I.F.Popova and A.M.Reshetov. Vol. 33. Moscow, Vostochnaya Literatura Publishers 2010.


To the Reader (M.N. Bogolyubov) — 5

M.N. Bogolyubov, A.M. Reshetov. In memoriam B.A. Valskaya — 6

A.M. Reshetov. The 50th anniversary of the Oriental Commission of the Geographical Society — 15

B.A. Valskaya. The Oriental Commission of the Geographical Society and its publications — 17

History, ethnography, culture

S.A. Frantsouzoff. The discovery and decipherment of South Arabian script — 21

N.N. Dyakov. The spirits and saints of Morocco — 41

N.A. Dobronravin. The legend of Kabrin Kabra and other tales of tyrants in West Africa — 62

S.V. Dmitriev. Concerning the cultural status of bow and arrows in the traditional culture of the East — 86

P.L. Grokhovsky. The compositional and artistic characteristics of the ‘Samadhiraja-sutra’ — 107

I.V. Kulganek. The children’s poetic folklore in Mongolia: its genre structure — 123

Ding Shu-qin. G.N. Potanin’s expedition to Gansu (1884-1886) and ethnological evidence of the Shirongols — 137

I.F. Popova. Regarding the influence of Early Tang state ideology on the development of political thought in China — 143

V.V. Shchepkin. The discussion of naval defense by Japanese thinkers of the 18th-19th centuries — 167

O.V. Klimova. The first espedition of N.A. Khvostov to Sakhalin in 1806 (after Russian and Japanese sources) — 176

A.M. Sokolov. Masks and anthropomorphous representations in Ainu culture — 190

I.V. Zhukovskaya, A.M. Reshetov. Orientalists’ collections in the archive of Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, RAS — 208

Bibliographical index to publications of the Oriental Commission of Russian Geographical Society (1959-2005)

Bibliographical index — 251

Persons, authors, compilers, editos and titles with no authors — 284

Abbreviations — 291


Аннотация, К читателю, Содержание, Contents


the Russian Geographic Society
Valskaya Blyuma Abramovna

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