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Akimushkin O. A Rare Seventeenth-Century Hagiography of the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Shaykhs // Manuscripta Orientalia. Vol. 7, No 1, March 2001. P. 62-67.

The full title of the work represented by manuscript С 1529 in the collection of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies is Hasanāt al-abrār min nasamāt al-muqarrabīn (Marvelous Deeds of the Righteous under the Leadership of Those Close [to Allah]). In the main body of the text, which is an authorial rough draft, the author does not give his name. However, he cites there letters addressed to him by his spiritual teacher (murshid), shaykh ‘Abd al-Ahad b. Muhammad Sa‘īd, in which the latter addresses the author as shaykh Muhammad Murād. On the margins of an introduction, written after the work’s completion, we can also find a note in Arabic revealing the author’s name: “I, incapable one Muhammad Murād, the son of muftī Tāhir Kashmīrī...”. This name, before the basmala and in a chapter where he writes about himself, is given fully as shaykh Muhammad Murād b. muftī Tāhir Kashmir! In addition to the information Muhammad Murād provides about himself in this work, some facts about him are given by his disciple (murīd) Muhammad A‘zam in his history of Kashmir, Wāqī‘āt-i Kashmir, compiled in 1160/1747, and by Muhammad Ghulām Sarwar in the hagiography Khazīnat al-asfiyā’, written in 1281/1864—65. The latter also notes that Muhammad A‘zam dedicated a separate work to his murshid which he entitled Fayd-i Murād, where the life and deeds of his shaykh are described...


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Muhammad Murād
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