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Dandamayev M.А. Mesopotamia and Iran in the 7th-4th Centuries B.C.: Social Institutions and Ideology [Месопотамия и Иран в VII—IV вв. до н.э.: Социальные институты и идеология]. St Petersburg: St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Philology and Arts 2007. 512 p.

Muhammad A. Dandamayev is the author of many books on the economic and social history of ancient Iran and Babylonia which are based on a first-hand study of cuneiform and other ancient sources. His books have been published in Russia as well as in Iran, USA, England, Netherlands, Spain and Germany. These books contain an authoritative survey of the history and culture, legal systems, social institutions and the economic structures, ethnic relations and religions during the period from the 7th until 4th centuries B.C. He also contributed chapters to the Cambridge Ancient History, the Cambridge History of Judaism and other international projects. He is a member of the editorial boards of the «Vestnik Drevnej Istorii» and «Iranica Antiqua» as well as a member of the Advisory Committee of the «Encyclopaedia Iranica»; member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a Honorary member of the American Oriental Society, etc. His books were awarded with the State prize of the USSR as well as the prize of the Académie des Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres (France).


This edition contains an updated edition of the author's articles on the state administration, palace and temple economy, freedom and slavery, private business activities, ethnic and cultural contacts, social institutions, agrarian relations, monetary systems and peculiarities characteristic of the ancient religions in Mesopotamia and Iran. The book embraces the time of the collapse of the Assyrian empire, the creation of the Neo-Babylonian kingdom and the expansion of the enormous Achaemenid state where Mesopotamia was a central province.

Most of the articles presented here were published in the second half of the last century in Russian and Western journals. The articles published solely in the West are given in Russian translation. As a rule, works in the field of Assyriology become obsolete within short periods of time owing to the rapid development of cuneiform studies and regular publications of massive documentary materials of various genres. For this reason only those articles which, according to the author's opinion, still continue to be valid today are presented here. Many of them are given in an abbreviated form without transliterations of cuneiform texts. Besides, bearing in mind the contemporary condition of Assyriological and Iranian studies, some references are replaced by recent publications. The volume is intended for the specialists in cuneiform studies as well as for the general readers who are interested in history and civilizations of Ancient Iran and Mesopotamia.


Annotation, Об авторе этой книги, Предисловие, Summary, Библиография работ автора [The Author's Bibliography], Содержание


the Achaemenid state
Ancient Iran
the Assyrian empire
the Neo-Babylonian kingdom

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