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Kepping Ks. Last Works and Documents [Последние статьи и документы]. St Petersburg: Omega Publishers 2003. 360 p.

This book is a tribute to the memory of Dr. Ksenia Kepping. It contains previously published and non-pablished articles and extracts written in English and Russian, a bibliography of Dr. Kepping's works, along with records and photographs from her personal archives.

Table of Contents

Foreword [Предисловие] — 7

Part One. Papers on Tangut Studies [Часть первая. Работы по тангутоведению]

Zhuge Liang’s “The general’s garden” in the Mi-Nia translation (in collaboration with Gong Hwang-cherng) — 13

Tangut ritual language — 25

The famous Liangzhou bilingual stele: a new study — 30

The verb in Tangut — 50

Tangut Xylographs kept in Stockholm [Тангутские ксилографы в Стокгольме] — 55

Portraits of Tibetan and Indian teachers in a Tangut engraving — 75

On the Name of the Tangut State and the Ancient Tangut Homeland [О названии тангутского государства и прародине тангутов] — 82

Mi-nia (Tangut) self-appellation and self-portraiture in Khara-Khoto materials — 100

The Black-headed and the Red-faced in Tangut indigenous texts — 119

«The autumn wind» by Han Wu-di in the Mi-nia (Tangut) translation — 140

The ritual of receiving high status depicted in the Khitan mural painting (Hebei province, Xuanhua district) — 168

Chinggis Khan's last campaign as seen by the Tanguts — 176

The Name of Chinggis Khan in a Tangut Song [Имя Чингис хана в тангутской песне] — 196

Chinggis Khan and the Empress [Чингисхан и императрица] — 202

The Guanyin icon (Chinggis Khan's last campaign) — 210

Bibliography Abridged [Библиография в сокращениях] — 220

Bibliography of Papers by Ks.B. Kepping [Библиография работ К. Б. Кепинг] — 226

Leo Menshikov. In Memory of Ksenia Borisovna Kepping [Меньшиков Л. Н. Памяти Ксении Борисовны Кепинг] — 231

Part Two. From the Past [Часть вторая. Из прошлого]

The Fate of the Russian Spiritual Mission in China [Судьба Российской духовной миссии в Китае] — 236

O.Kepping. The Last Head of the Russian Spiritual Mission in China, Archbishop Victor (to the 100th Anniversary of his Birth) [Кепинг О. В. Последний начальник Российской духовной миссии в Китае архиепископ Виктор (к 100-летию со дня рождения)] — 264

All Holy Martyrs Church in Beijing [Храм Всех Святых Мучеников в Бэй-гуане (Пекин)] — 273

A belated remark on а 1994 article — 284

I bought that armchair from her... [«А кресло-то я у нее купила...»] — 291

Part Three. Photos and Documents [Часть третья. Фотографии и документы]

Photos [Фотографии] — 297

Archbishop Victor (Svyatin). The Propriety of the Russian Spiritial Mission in Beijing as Stated on January 1, 1950 [Архиепископ Виктор (Святин). Имущество Российской духовной миссии в Китае по состоянию на 1 января 1950 г.] — 314

T.A.Bogdanovam O.V.Vassilieva. The Archives of Metropolitan Victor (Svyatin) Kept at the Russian National Library [Богданова Т.А., Васильева О.В. Архив митрополита Виктора (Святина) в Российской национальной библиотеке] — 328


Аннотация, Содержание, Предисловие


Chinggis Khan
the Russian Spiritial Mission in Beijing
Tangut history
Tangut literature
Tangut State

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