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Alexandra Ivanovna

(12.11.1923 — 23.02.2009)
Born on November 12, 1923, in the village of Peregino, the Poddorsky area, the Novgorod district.

In 1949 graduated from Leningrad State University, the Faculty of Oriental Studies, as an expert in Arabic history. In 1950, was enrolled to the staff of the Arabic Department of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1953 up to her retirement on June 2, 1979. worked at the Institute as a researcher, except for two periods, 1964-67 and 1971-74, when she worked in Yemen, first as an interpretor, second as the head of the Russian courses in Agden, at the Soviet Cultural Center.

She took part in the project for the compilation of the Arabic mss kept at the Institute of Oriental Studies. Her descriptions of mss published in 1961 and 1965 were later incorporated into the synoptic Brief Catalogue of the Arabic mss published in 1986 г. (Arabic Manuscripts of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the USSR Academy of Sciences. A Brief Catalogue [Арабские рукописи Института Востоковедения Академии Наук СССР. Краткий каталог]. Ed. by A.B.Khalidov. 1. The Catalogue. 2. Indices and Appendices by A.I.Mikhaylova. Moscow 1986). The descriptions compiled by A.I.Mikhaylova stand out from the 1986 edition thanks to their fullness in details.

Along with V.A.Krachkovskaya, she edited the monograph by Acad. I.J.Krachkovsky Arabic Geographic Literature [Арабская географическая литература] published as the fourth volume of selected paper by I.J.Krachkovsky (Moscow 1957).

She worked also on the catalogue of Arabic mss kept at the Russian National Library, and for many years as the academic secretary and librarian of the Arabic Department of the Institute.



Mikhaylova A. An Illustrated Arabic Manuscript of a Translation of a Seventeenth-Century Greek Chronograph // Manuscripta Orientalia. Vol. 4, No 1, March 1998. P. 58-64.


Арабские рукописи Института Востоковедения. Краткий каталог. Под редакцией А.Б. Xалидова [Составители: С.М. Бациева, А.С. Боголюбов, К.А. Бойко, О.Г. Большаков, П.А. Грязневич, А.И. Михайлова, Л.И. Николаева, С.Б. Певзнер, М.Б. Пиотровский, А.Б. Халидов, Т.А. Шумовский], Часть 1—2, Москва: Издательство «Наука» ГРВЛ, 1986. [Arabic Manuscripts of the Institute of Oriental Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences. Brief Catalogue. Parts 1—2].


Михайлова А.И. Каталог арабских рукописей Института народов Азии и Африки Академии Наук СССР. Выпуск 2. Географические сочинения. [Ответственный редактор В.И.Беляев] М.: ИВЛ, 1961.

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