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Irina Ravilyevna

EDUCATION: Graduated from the Department of Asian and African Studies of St.Petersburg State University, 1991.

Primary field: orientalist-historian.

Languages: Indonesian, English, Dutch. (Javanese and Arab – reading capability).

Diploma work: Social Stratification of Javanese Society According to the Ttheory of the American Anthropologist Cl.Geertz.

EXPERIENCE: 1991 - field investigations in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan)

1994, 1996 – field investigations in Indonesia

From 2000 up to present – lecturer at the the Department of Asian and African Studies of St.Petersburg State University (Indonesian, History of Indonesia, Sufi Literature).

2001-2014 - researcher at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, the Department of South and South Eastern Asian Studies. She studies the Malay manuscripts aiming at some religious aspects, especially Sufism in Indonesia.

The author of a monograph History of Sufism in Indonesia in the 18th century.

Another monograph dedicated to the Malay Sufi manuscript from the 18th century Tuhfat ar-Raghibin fi Bayani Hakikat al-Iman by Shaykh Abd as-Samad al-Palembani kept at the collection of the St.Petersburg Institute of Oriental Manuscripts Studies, supplied with translation and commentaries is to be published.

The author of several papers in Russian, Dutch and Malaysian magazines.

Fall, 2004 – visiting scholar at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, Wassenaar. (NIAS, KNAW) From 2006 - individual member of The Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA) - University of Cambridge, UK.

2008 – leader of the International project Islamic written heritage of Shattariyah brotherhood of Western Sumatra (TIMA, Scaliger Institute of Leiden University, Andalas University of Padang).

Publications ( the entire list as a *.pdf file)


Katkova I. R., Dr. Pramono. Sufi Saints Of Sumatra. Awliya' Sumatra. SPb.: Academy of Culture's Research, 2009. 120 p.

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