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Aida Nasir

Doctor of Sciences (equiv. Habilitation) - Philology
(10.10.1939 — 19.09.1992)
Born in Baku, on October 10,1939, to an educated family. Her father Nasir Imanguliyev was a journalist, pedagogue, honorary scholar as well as one of the important founders of Azerbaijan's media. He was the long-time chief editor of newspapers Ваки (in Russian) and Baki (in Azeri). Her mother, Govhar Imanguliyeva, was born in Shamakhy to a distinguished family.

Aida Imanguliyeva received a golden medal in secondary school №132 of Baku city in 1957. The same year, she entered Azerbaijan State University. After graduating from the Arabic philology department of the University's Oriental Studies faculty in 1962, she started her post-graduate study in the Department of History of Near Eastern Literature. After that, she worked at the Asian People Institute at the former USSR Academy of Sciences.

After delivering her Candidate thesis, she started working at Azerbaijan AS Oriental Studies Institute as a junior researcher (in 1966), next as a senior scholar (in 1973), promoted to Head of Arabic Philology Department (in 1976), next to Deputy Director on Science (in 1988) and ultimately as the Director of the Institute from 1991 until her death.

In 1989, Aida Imanguliyeva successfully defended her Ph. D. thesis in Tbilisi becoming the first Azerbaijani woman Arabist holding a Ph.D, and then obtained the title of Professor on the specialty.

A.N. Imanguliyeva edited numerous scientific works dealing with oriental philology. She was a member and Deputy Chairman and Chairman of Defense Council in "Asian and African Countries' literatures" specifically in Azerbaijan AS Oriental Studies Institute. Under her guidance and authorship more than 70 scientific articles and many monographs were published, such as “Pens Association” and Mikhail Naimy (Moscow, 1975); Gibran Khalil Gibran (Baku, 1975); New Arabian Literature Coryphaei (Baku, 1991).

Aida Imanguliyeva was a member of АН-Union Arabists Society Board, АН-Union Coordination Council for Oriental Literature Research, and The Writers Union. She devoted herself to scientific as well as organizational activities, dealing with the training of highly skilled Arabists. She effectively dealt with pedagogical activity, delivering lectures at Azerbaijan State University on Arabic philology, as well as presenting contemporary Azerbaijani oriental studies in many scholarly meetings abroad such as in Moscow, Kiev, Poltava, Saint-Petersburg, Hamburg, Halle, etc.

Aida Imanguliyeva died on September 19,1992.


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