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Lilia Yusufzhanovna

Senior Researcher at the IOM RAS
(10.01.1932 — 05.06.2020)
1948-1953 - the student of Leningrad State University, Department of Oriental Studies.

1953-1957 - the post-graduate student of the Institute of linguistics of Academy of Sciences of USSR.

1957-1966 - the junior researcher of Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Linguistics of Academy of Sciences of USSR.

From 1966 up to 2015 - junior researcher, from 1977, senior researcher of the Leningrad/St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies / Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Major research interests: old Uigur texts, Uigur Buddhism.

Publications ( the entire list as a *.pdf file)


Uighur Civil Documents from the 10th through 14th Century Discovered in Eastern Turkestan [Уйгурские деловые документы X—XIV вв. из Восточного Туркестана], Introduction, Transcription, Trsnalstion from Old Uighur and facsimile edition by L.Yu.Tugusheva. Moscow, Nauka & Vostochnaya Literatura Publishers 2013. 326 p. (Pamyatniki pismennosti Vostoka, CXXXVIII.)


Tugusheva L. / 莉莉姬•圖古舍娃. On the Influence of the Written Form of the Word on its Pronunciation (According to Early Medieval Uighur Texts) / 單詞的書寫形式對其發音的影响——以中世紀早期的 回鶄文獻爲例 // Dunhuang Studies: Prospects and Problems for the Coming Second Century of Research / 敦煌學:第二個百年的研究視角與問題. St. Petersburg: Slavia Publishers, 2012. P. 261—262.


The Caves of One Thousand Buddhas. Russian Expeditions along the Silk Route. On the Occasion of 190 Years of the Asiatic Museum. Exhibition Catalogue. St Petersburg, The State Hermitage Publishers 2008.

The Precious Sutra of the White Lotus Society: the Turkic version [Сутра Общины белого лотоса: тюркская версия]. Ed., tr. by L.Y.Tugusheva. Moscow, Vostochnaya literature, 2008.

Tugusheva T.Yu. Expeditions to Central Asia and the Discovery of Early Medieval Turkic Manuscripts // Russian Expeditions to Central Asia at the Turn of the 20th Century / Collected articles. Edited by I.F. Popova. St Petersburg, Slavia Publishers, 2008. P. 40-49.


The Daśakarmapathāvadānamālā in Uighur from the Collection of the St.Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences by Shōgaito Masahiro, Tugusheva Lilia, Fujishiro Setsu [Уйгурская версия Dasakarmapathavadanamala. Раннесредневековый уйгурский письменный памятник из рукописного собрания Санкт-Петербургского филиала Института востоковедения Российской Академии Наук]. Shokado 1998.


Tugusheva L. Early Medieval Uighur Records from East Turkestan // Manuscripta Orientalia. International Journal for Oriental Manuscript Research. Vol. 2, No 3, September 1996. P. 8-15.

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