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Meir Natanovich

Candidate of Sciences (equiv. Ph.D.) - Philology
(25.04.1916 — 02.07.2003)
Born in Dvinsk, Vitebsk District, Belorussia, the Russian Empire, in 1916. His father was killed by Petlyura's people in Kiev in 1918 (the period of civil war). Studied at the Riga Technical College, later (in 1948) graduated from Moscow State University, the Historical Faculty, mastered Hebrew, Yiddish, Latvian and German. During the World War II he fought at the Kurland front. As he states laconically in his short questionary kept at the Archives of the Orientalists, IOM RAS, his 'mother, brother, sister, grandfather and grandmother remained under the [German] occupation and were shot'.

From 1955 up to 1984, worked at the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (now the IOM), at the Department of Ancient Eastern Studies. First he processed the collection of Hebrew books, later focused on the study of historical grammar of Hebrew on the basis of Karaite mss kept at the Russian National Library. In 1975, defended the PhD Dissertation, 'Me’or ‘Ayin', the Karaite Grammar of Old Hebrew (according to the manuscript from 1208) [„Me’or ‘Ayin‟ — караимская грамматика древнееврейского языка (по рукописи 1208 г.)].

In early 1990s he emigrated from Russia and lived with his family in Israel until his death in 2003.

Sh. M. Iakerson

Read also the eulogy speech (in Hebrew, as a *.PDF file) by Prof. Aharon Maman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Me’or ‘ayin (The Eyes' Torch): the Karaite Grammar of Hebrew. Based on the Manuscript dated from 1208. Facsimile edition [Ме’ор ‘айин («Светоч глаза»): Караимская грамматика древнееврейского языка. По рукописи 1208 г. Факсимиле]. Edition of the text, translation from Hebrew, with Research Paper and Notes by M.N.Zishlin. Moscow, Nauka GRVL Publishers 1990. 216 p., ill. (Pamyatniki pismennosti Vostoka. XCVI).

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