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Alexander Serafimovich

Researcher at the IOM RAS
(12.09.1946 — 10.11.2009)
Born in Vorkuta in 1946. Until the age of 13, lived with his parents in a special settlement for political prisoners. In 1970, he graduated from Leningrad State University, the Faculty of Oriental Studies. From March, 1971, worked at the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies (now the IOM RAS).

As a scholar A.Chetverukhin focused on some special linguistic aspects of the study of the Egyptian language such as the vowel marks in the Egyptian writing, morphology, syntactical functions of grammatical words. He published several papers on the syntax of Egyptian nominal sentence. He took part in the project of the compilation of The Comparative Historical Dictionary of Afrasian Languages [Сравнительно-исторический словарь афразийских языков] led by Dr I.M.Diakonoff and studied some aspects of Egyptian and Afrasian Grammar from the standpoint of general linguistics. In the 1970s, he edited the monograph by P.V.Ernstedt, Essays on Grammar of the Coptiс Language [Исследования по грамматике коптского языка].

During the last two decades, A.Chetverukhin edited a number of translations of classical academic papers on Egyptology and Coptology. His introductory papers, notes and various remarks prove his expertize as a linguist and, moreover, have their own academic value. He published also two monographs of his own. One of them, Treatises of Gnostics Contained in the Berlin Coptic Papyrus 8502 [Сочинения гностиков в Берлинском коптском папирусе 8502], presents the edition and translation of a number of early Coptic Gnostic treatises. The other, Old Afrasian Nominal Sentence: Problems of Analysis and Reconstruction. Pt 1. Formation of the Term ‘Nominal Sentence’ [Древнейшее афразийское именное предложение: проблемы анализа и реконструкции. Часть I: Становление термина „именное предложение“. Том I: История термина „именное предложение“], summed up his researches into the syntax of Egyptian nominal sentence. The second part of the work has remained in manuscript.

Publications ( the entire list as a *.pdf file)


Четверухин А. С. Древнейшее афразийское именное предложение: проблемы анализа и реконструкции. Часть I: Становление термина «именное предложение». Том I: История термина «именное предложение» / Ответственный редактор О. Б. Фролова. СПб.: «Петербургское Востоковедение», 2007. 292 с. (Серия «Orientalia).

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