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Structure of the IOM Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programs Print E-mail

— Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programs —
(to whom it may concern)

Sergei L. Burmistrov
curator, Ph.D.
tel. +7 (812) 3158728

The admittance to the postgraduate study is obtained by Masters of Arts on the basis of the passing through the exams in basic disciplines.

These are the areas of post-graduate study:

  • 07.00.03 – General history
  • 07.00.09 – Historiography
  • 09.00.13 – Philosophy and history of religion, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture
  • 10.01.02 – Literature of peoples of the Russian Federation 10.01.03 – Literature of peoples of the foreign countries
  • 10.01.09 – Folklore studies
  • 10.02.02 – Languages of peoples of the Russian Federation
  • 10.02.22 – languages of peoples of the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, natives of America and Australia.

Regions of research: the Near East, Middle East, Far East, Central Asia.

Receipt of documentation: 1-31st of August. Exams taken: September-October.

Date of admittance: 1st of November.

To be admitted one must have a diploma about the academic courses taken in Oriental studies. Knowledge of at least one Eastern language is necessary. Term of the internal postgraduate study is 3-4 years.

Required documents:

  • a copy of the diploma
  • a paper on the chosen specialty
  • a letter of reference
  • 3 photos (3´4 sm) 5. a full copy of the passport

Annual fee for the citizens of foriegn countries - from $4,000.

Last Updated ( 25/02/2014 )

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