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Anniversary of T.D. Skrynnikova Print E-mail

September 24 is the birthday of Professor Tatiana D. Skrynnikova, Doctor of Sciences in History, chief researcher of the Section of Central Asian Studies, head of the Department of Central Asian and South Asian Studies at the IOM RAS. Administration of the Institute congratulates Tatiana Skrynnikova and wishes her continuous success and active research work.

Tatiana Skrynnikova is not only a scholar of Mongol history, but also an outstanding researcher recognized for her studies of world history, archaeology, religious studies and anthropology. In various fields her work is marked by high quality, hard work, accuracy, research talent and quest for scientific truth.

After graduating in 1974 from the State University of Leningrad, Department of Oriental Studies (East Asian history), she worked in the Institute of Mongol, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies RAS (Ulan-Ude, Buryatia) until 2010.

In 1978–1981 she did her postgraduate studies in the Institute of Oriental Studies (Leningrad branch) under supervision of Professor E.I. Kychanov, eminent scholar of medieval Chinese history, Central Asia and nomadic peoples. In 1982 she successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled “Lamaist church in the political life of Khalkha (16th–early 20th c)”. In 2005 she defended the Habilitation Dissertation entitled “Charisma and power as seen by medieval Mongols”. In 2011 she moved to Saint-Petersburg. Since 2013 she has been chief researcher of the Section of Central Asian Studies and the head of the Department of Central Asian and South Asian Studies at the IOM RAS.

T.D. Skrynnikova’s research focuses on political culture, typology of social organization, political, cultural, ethnic genesis of Mongol peoples, as well as traditional Mongol culture and issues of identity. She has published 300 research works. She has been editing numerous monographs and journals (“Culture of Oriental peoples”, “Mongolica”).

In recent years she has finished the project titled “Mongol political culture of the late 17th – early 20th centuries” and published the second edition of her monograph “The Empire of Chinggis Khan” (co-author Academician N.E. Kradin).

Tatiana Skrynnikova was awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Republic of Buryatia, the Academy of Sciences of the Mongolian Republic.

Tatiana Skrynnikova actively participates in conferences in Russia and abroad. She has many colleagues and friends across the world. Her research talent is combined with kindness and friendliness. Her contribution to humanities research in Russia and beyond is truly exceptional. We express our admiration and gratitude.

We congratulate T.D. Skrynnikova on her birthday and wish her good health, joyful life, and new academic achievements.

Irina F. Popova, Director of the IOM RAS
Corresponding Member of the RAS, Doctor of Sciences in History

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