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Anniversary of I.N. Medvedskaya Print E-mail

May 11 is the birthday of Inna Nikolaevna Medvedskaya, Doctor of Sciences in History, Leading Researcher of the Department of Ancient Eastern Studies at the IOM RAS.

In 1967 she graduated from the State University of Leningrad, Department of Historical Studies (Archaeology). She participated in numerous archaeological expeditions in Siberia, Central Asia and Caucasus.

Since 1972 I.N. Medvedskaya has been working at the Department of Ancient Eastern Studies, IOM RAS. In 1978 she successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled “Iran at the End of the Second Millennium B.C. according to Archaeological Data”. In 1982 it was published in the UK as the monograph “Iran: Iron Age I” and in 2005 its Persian translation was published in Iran.

I.N. Medvedskaya’s research focus gradually shifted to written sources on the history of Ancient Near East that are used for analysis of archaeological data.

In 2007 she defended the Habilitation Dissertation entitled “Ancient Iran before Empires (IX-VI centuries B.C.): The History of the Median Kingdom”. It was published in 2010 as a monograph (its revised edition was published in 2019).

In 1998–2013 I.N. Medvedskaya was the Head of the Department of Ancient Eastern Studies, IOM RAS. She combines professionalism and erudition with kindness, modesty, and a sincere desire to help others. She is highly respected as an authority in her field by colleagues in the Institute and across the world.

Everyone at the IOM RAS congratulates I.N. Medvedskaya on her birthday and wishes her good health, well-being, and new scientific achievements.

Irina F. Popova, Director of the IOM RAS
Corresponding Member of the RAS, Doctor of Sciences in History

Last Updated ( 15/05/2023 )
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