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Second International Academic Conference “The Written Heritage of the Orient” (information letter) Print E-mail

The Second International Academic Conference
“The Written Heritage of the Orient”
dedicated to the 160th anniversary of P.K. Kozlov (1863–1935)

 Information letter

April 10–11, 2023
IOM RAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The conference will be held to celebrate the 160th birth anniversary of Pyotr Kuzmich Kozlov (1863–1935), an outstanding Russian traveller, geographer, ethnologist, archaeologist and researcher of Central Asian written heritage. He is known for the Mongol-Sichuan expedition (1907–1909) during which in April 1907 he discovered the famous “dead city” of Khara-Khoto (“Black city”) and a rich culture of the Tangut Xi Xia (“Western Xia”) state, including its written heritage. The conference will focus on issues related to Tangut studies, the study of Tangut manuscripts, expeditions into Central Asia, and archival materials of P.K. Kozlov.

The Conference held for the first time on April 20–22, 2022 was All-Russian, but this year, taking into account the interest of colleagues around the world, the Organizing Committee decided to give it an international status.

Traditional themes of the Conference focusing on the study of Oriental written heritage remain unchanged: codicology; formation history of schools of copyists/calligraphers; artistic decoration of manuscripts; structure and decoration of early printed books and xylographs of the Orient; epigraphy; sphragistics; numismatics; history of discovery and subsequent publication of manuscripts; formation of modern manuscriptological collections; current issues of manuscript conservation and restoration.

The working languages of the Conference are Russian, English and Chinese.

The following issues will be discussed during the Conference:

1. Oriental manuscripts and their study;
2. Current issues of paleography and codicology of the written heritage of the Orient;
3. Contributions by manuscript scholars of Russia and foreign countries to the study of Oriental manuscript traditions;
4. Expeditions in Asia and archaeography of the written heritage of the Orient;
5. Activities of modern centres of research and conservation of Oriental manuscripts;
6. Conservation and restoration of the written heritage of the Orient.

Online participation is possible.

Transportation and accommodation expenses of participants from other cities are not covered by the IOM RAS.

Please submit your application and a brief presentation abstract by March 25, 2023.

The application should include the following information:

- Information about the participant (full name, place of work and position, academic degree, academic title, email) in Russian and/or English;
- Presentation topic in Russian and/or English;
- Participation format (face-to-face, online).

Please send your abstract (200 words maximum in Russian and/or English) by March 25, 2023 to the following email:

Conference Organizing Committee

Last Updated ( 03/02/2023 )
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