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Second International Codicological Conference Print E-mail
The Second International Codicological Conference
“Oriental Manuscripts: Scriptoria, Monastic Libraries 
and Book Workshops in the East in the Middle Ages”

November 15‒17, 2021 
St. Petersburg, Russia 

From ancient times and until the Modern Age, manuscripts were the most important medium to preserve and convey information. Regardless of the historical and linguistic differences, in various cultures manuscripts became an essential means of transmitting spiritual and practical ideas and communicating knowledge, which makes them a complex and multifaceted cultural phenomenon. For hundreds of years, scriptoria and book workshops designed, produced and preserved manuscripts, exerting a determining influence on the cultures they thus shaped. 

On November 15‒17, 2021, the Second International Сodicological Conference ‘Oriental Manuscripts: Scriptoria, Monastic Libraries and Book Workshops in the East in the Middle Ages’ will be hosted by the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS (St. Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb. 18). The essential activities planned will be carried out OFFLINE with the possibility of ONLINE participation.

The aim of the Conference is to discuss the activities of the scriptoria as the centers of cultural dissemination, in particular traditional practices of book production in the East (including manuscripts, block-printed and early printed books), with a special focus on monastic libraries and book workshops — their structure and functions, as well as the daily life and activities of the scribes, translators, artists and craftsmen who worked there. 

Topics to be discussed at the conference:
 libraries in monasteries
 the production of block-printed and early printed books
 the storage and preservation of manuscripts
 translation activities in the scriptoria
 the daily life of the scribes
 donators and customers
 manuscript production techniques: the process of writing and book illumination
 paper and writing implements’ production

Conference languages: English

Applications are to be submitted to the Organizing Committee by September 1, 2021.

Proposal submission form 
Current position: 
The title of the paper: 
Abstract (200 words): 

Kindly e-mail this form as an attachment to:
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