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International Forum ‘Russia and the Orient’ Print E-mail

On November 27-29, 2018, the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Asiatic Museum ‒ the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences took place in St. Petersburg. For this matter, the IOM RAS held the International Forum ‘Russia and the Orient. То the 200th Anniversary of the Russian Academic Oriental Studies’. The photo report of its most important events are represented below.

1. The first plenary session of the Forum was held in the St. Petersburg Government Headquarters (Smolny Institute, November 27, 2018)

Two films about the IOM, RAS were shown before the official inauguration of the session:1) «From the Asiatic Museum to the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences», directed by Shahnoza Ganieva; 2) «The Asiatic Museum – IOM, RAS», directed by Ilya Stogoff.

The session was held in the beautiful White Hall of the Smolny Palace. 350 scholars and officials from various Russian and foreign institutions attended the session.

A.L. Vassoevich (St. Petersburg), I.F. Popova, academician V.L. Myasnikov (Moscow)

S.A. Frantsouzoff (IOM, RAS) 

S. Raschman and P. Zieme (Berlin)

T.I. Yusupova (St. Petersburg) and A.L. Ronzhin (st. Petersburg)

B.B. Badmaev (Shireete Lama of St. Petersburg Buddhist Temple) and R.J. Pancheev (Mufti of St. Petersburg)

Mufti R.J. Pancheev and S.M. Prozorov (IOM, RAS) 

V.N. Tuguzhekova (Abakan), N.G. Ochirova (Elista), F.G. Khisamitdinova (Ufa)

S.M. Anikeeva (“Vostochnaya literatura” Publisher, Moscow)

Yu Guangqiang (Yinchuan, China), T.A. Pang (IOM, RAS) and K.Yu. Solonin (Beijing)

S. Chuluun (Ulaanbaatar)

A.L. Rozhnin, G,V. Dvas (St. Petersburg), O.V. Belij (St. Petersburg)

I.F. Popova with delegation of the Shanxi Pedagogical University headed by Professor Chen Guanxu (Xi’an, China)

M.A. Musaev (Mahachkala), academician A.B. Derbisali (Astana), S.M. Prozorov, A.K. Muminov (Astana, Istanbul)

D.S. Orzasakhedov (Ashhabad),M.Kh. Abuseitova(Almaty)

Sh.I. Ibraev, Sh. Mukasheva, K.N. Kelimbetov (Astana), academician A.B. Derbisali, I.F. Popova

I.V. Tunkina (St. Petersburg), E.I. Ivanova (St. Petersburg)

V.P. Ivanov (IOM RAS), S.Kh. Shomakhmadov (IOM RAS)

A.I. Kolesnikov (IOM, RAS councillor)

V.M. Rybakov (IOM RAS)

N.N. D’yakov (St. Petersburg)

I.F. Popova with the master of ceremony, the Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Pozdeev


Master of ceremony:

Today is a big day for Russian Science! The oldest center of Oriental studies in Russia, the Institute of Oriental manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, commemorates its 200-years anniversary. Founded as the Asiatic Museum of the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences on November 23, 1818, the Institute commemorates its 200th anniversary with the International Forum ‘Russia and the Orient. То the 200th Anniversary of the Russian Academic Oriental Studies”. The aim of this event is to gather again representatives of various European and Asian centers for Oriental studies here, in St. Petersburg, to restore the lost connections and create a basis for new projects. We are extremely pleased to welcome the members of the Academies of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and scholars from different regions of Russia. We are happy that our colleagues from Europe and Asia have joined our ceremony!

The foundation of the Asiatic Museum was a result of the historical development of our country.

Russia is a great Eurasian country. Russian culture represents a complicated fusion of Slavic and European roots with eclectic elements of Byzantian, Turkic, Arabic and Mongolian cultures.

From the very beginning the Oriental studies played a crucial role in social, political and cultural spheres of the development of Russia. Nothing has changed in this respect.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, sent his congratulations to the Institute.

Vice-governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Vladimirovich Kirillov reads the welcome speech of St. Petersburg governor pro tempore A.D. Beglov.

Master of ceremony read the congratulations of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov .

The chairman of the Russian Historical Society Sergey Evgenievich Naryshkin sent his congratulations to the IOM RAS. The speech was delivered by the Executive Director of the ‘History of Motherland’ Fund Konstantin Mogilevsky

Master of the ceremony:

From the moment of its foundation the Russian Academy of Sciences paid special attention to the humanities. The Academy founded by Peter the Great try to use the best models found in various European academies and incorporated the ‘humanitarian class’ that was missing at the London Royal Society or French academies at that time. Theophilus Siegfried Bayer who published some pioneering works in the field of Oriental studies became one of the first St. Petersburg academicians.

Without doubt, the humanities provide knowledge of extrinsic value for the modern technocratic civilization and Russian Academy of Sciences. The active support of the humanities is considered crucial for the development of Russia and formation of national ideas and self-image.

The welcome speech of the Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Archaeology Nikolai Makarov.

The welcome speech was given by the director of the State Hermitage, Honored Citizen of St. Petersburg, academician Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky

In her presentation the IOM Director Prof. Irina Fyodorovna Popova pointed out the main milestones of the Asiatic Museum - Institute of Oriental Manuscripts history.

Master of ceremony:

Dear friends!

Our anniversary is shared with European and Asian colleagues. Several national academies sent their delegations to appreciate the significance of the Russian scholarly tradition and enrich it with their own knowledge and cultural heritage. This spiritual connection between us is still alive. We are happy to see the representatives of the National Academies of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan in this chamber.

May I call our honored guest, the director of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, academician Akif Alizadeh, to deliver his speech.

Master of ceremony:

In the multi-national and multi-religious Russia the Oriental studies always played a significant social role. May I call our honored guest, the Vice-president of the Spiritual Administration of the Mufti of Russia, member of Public Chamber of Russia Damir Vaisovich Mukhetdinov to deliver his speech.

Master of ceremony:

Dear friends!

We are completing our Plenary session. Roundtables discussions, exhibition openings, book presentations are waiting ahead! We wish the participants and guests all the best. In conclusion of the ceremony we would like you to listen to the hymn of St. Petersburg.

 After the Plenary session the conversation continued.

S.M. Prozorov with the delegation from Azerbaijan

A.B. Rakhmatulina (St. Petersburg), R.R. Khairutdinov (Kazan) after the state award ‘Order of Merit for the Republic of Tatarstan’ was given to I.F. Popova


The exhibition ‘Brush and Calamus. 200-years Anniversary of the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts’ introduced some treasures of one of the world's largest manuscript collections to the visitors of the Hermitage. In addition to the manuscripts and block prints kept in the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts a number of cultural artifacts from the State Hermitage collection connected with the production and usage of the books were shown. The displayed objects give visitor a unique opportunity to learn more about the types of Oriental books used in the large territory from Europe to Japan. Some rare items from the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts’ collection were exhibited for the first time.

Opening of the exhibition in the Rotonda Hall of the State Hermitage

M.B. Piotrovsky

I.F. Popova

Cutting the ribbon

Exhibition curators A.D. Pritula (State Hermitage) and N.V. Yampolskaya (IOM, RAS) took part in the ceremony

Observing the exhibition


Numerous congratulations and presents from the representatives of research centers of St. Petersburg, other regions of Russia and other countries were passed.

The IOM Green Hall was crowded by the participants of the Forum

Dear friends of the IOM from Berlin: P. Zieme, B. Kellner-Heinkele, S. Raschman

Akira Kirigaya, Director of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (Tokyo)

He Jiangou and Du Jianlu(Ningxia University, China)

D.S. Orazsakhedov, Director of the National Institute of manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan

Director of the Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Vahan Ter-Ghevondyan (Erevan)

Professor He Jiangou and K.Yu. Solonin

M.Kh. Abuseidova presents books on Turkic studies to the IOM, RAS

B.B. Badmaev (Shireete Lama of the Datsan Gunzechoinei in St. Petersburg), I.V. Vasilieva (Shireete Lama’s councilor)

A.K. Muminov (Astana, Istanbul)

Academician N.N. Kazansky

A.V. Sirenov, director of the St. Petersburg Institute of History, RAS

Academician I.P. Medvedev

А.А. Alikberov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)

R.M. Valeev (Kazan)

А.V. Akopyan (Erevan)

Sh.M. Mustafaev presents a gift from the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

M.A. Musaev (Makhachkala)

Director of the Institute of History, Language and Literature (Makhachkala) A.T. Akamov presents a gift

A present from the Datsan Gunzechoinei

Professor Liu Gouwei presents a gift from the Gugun Museum (Taibei, Taiwan)

D-r Abdulrahman al-Salimi, Chief editor of ‘Al-Tafahom’ Journal (Oman)

Director of Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), RAS, A.V. Golovnev

Sh.A. Tyumonbaev delivers a speech on behalf of the authorities of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

S.R. Rahmatulloza, Director of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan(Dushanbe)

V.V. Kukanova presents a gift from the Kalmyk Scientific Center, RAS (Elista)

N.G. Ochirova, the Former director of the Kalmyk Institute for Humanities Research, RAS

Academician B.B. Bazarov presents a gift from the Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the RAS

Congratulations from the delegation of the Republic of Khakassia, V.N. Tuguzhekova

S. Chuluun (Ulaanbaatar)

N.N. Kradin, the Director of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok)

H. Elnazarov (London)

M.F. Mudrak, the President of the Board of the St. Petersburg Association of International Cooperation

Academician V.S. Myasnikov presents his new book that he dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the IOM, RAS

А. А. Khismatulin

S.M. Anikeeva introduces the new edition: “Asiatic Museum – Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, RAS. A Guidebook”


The new storage space for the IOM's Library was sponsored by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said (Oman). His representatives headed by Sheikh Habib Al Riyami took part in the inauguration ceremony.


Roundtable discussion “Studies of the Christian East: Revival of the Abandoned Traditions”, moderator: S.A. Frantsouzoff

Roundtable discussion “Turkic and Mongolian World in Manuscripts and Documents”, moderator: I. V. Kulganek

Roundtable discussion “Asiatic Museum— Institute of Oriental Manuscripts in the History of Sinology”, moderator: Т. A.Pang

Roundtable discussion “Manuscript Heritage of the East as a Basis of the Traditional Oriental Studies” moderator: I. F. Popova

Moreover, on November 30, 2018, I.F. Popova read a lecture “Research of the Heritage of S.F. Oldenburg’s Expeditions to Turkestan”. Moderators: – academicians V.S. Myasnikov and Ovid Ceng

Check the video record of the lecture...


The first exhibition of such a kind in St. Petersburg, dedicated to one of the most important religions of China –Taoism, acquainted the visitors with its main ideas as represented in the concept of the Taoist immortals xian仙. The beautifully decorated manuscript of “Biographies of the Taoist Saints” (Liexianzhuan列仙傳) kept in the IOM was used as the focus for the exhibition. It was created for the Qing dynasty Imperial library and consists of more than 200 biographies, each written on a separate folio with a portrait of a saint.

L.Yu. Musienko, Director of the State Museum of the History of Religion delivers her congratulations to the IOM RAS /em>

E.A. Teryukov, Deputy director of the State Museum of the History of Religion

I.F. Popova

A.E. Terekhov, curator of the exhibition (IOM RAS)

P.A. Tugarinov, curator of the exhibition (State Museum of the History of Religion)

V.N. Mazurina and L.Yu. Musienko

Observing the exhibition

A.E> Terekhov and N.V. Yampolskaya

N.I. Nosova

Photos by S.L. Schevelchinskaya

Last Updated ( 30/03/2019 )
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