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First International Conference Oriental Manuscripts: Codicology and Conservation Issues Print E-mail
First International Conference Oriental Manuscripts:
Codicology and Conservation Issues

December 4‒6, 2019 
St. Petersburg, Russia 

Manuscripts, being the most important form for the fixation of information, are a complex and multifaceted cultural phenomenon. Although the manuscript books of different nations appeared in different historical periods, they all used to be the main carrier and mean of communication and transmittance of spiritual and practical ideas. For hundreds of years, manuscripts exerted a determining influence on the cultures they thus shaped. 

Codicology (the study of the manuscript books as physical objects) has become a priority research area in the last decades. This discipline incorporates both philological and historical methods of analysis and allows to identify the universal typological characteristics of the Oriental book culture despite of the cultural and confessional differences of the particular regions. 

On December 4‒6, 2019, the first international conference ‘Oriental Manuscripts: Codicology and Conservation Issues’ will be held at the IOM, RAS. The conference will be dedicated to the research of Oriental manuscripts as physical objects in general, and their conservation issues in particular. 

Topics to be discussed at the conference:
  1. Development of codicological terminology; 
  2. Prospects of development of codicology as a branch of studies; 
  3. Materials and methods used in Oriental manuscripts conservation process; 
  4. New discoveries and approaches to the study of manuscripts in connection with their conservation;  
  5. International trainings and educational programs. 
Conference languages: English
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