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The 6th International Symposium on Oriental Ancient Documents Studies (information letter) Print E-mail

The 6th International Symposium
on Oriental Ancient Documents Studies

The 6th International Symposium on Oriental Ancient Documents Studies is organized by the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences, and St. Petersburg State University.

It will be held on October 2-6, 2016, in St. Petersburg, Russia (arrival: October 2, working days: October 3-5, departure: October 6).

We are looking forward to listening to your presentation on one of the following topics.

I. Theme

The symposium will focus on the following aspects:

  1. Research of monolingual ancient documents.
  2. Comparative study of multilingual ancient documents.
  3. Special research on dates, editions, history, language or paleography of the document.
  4. A special panel will be devoted to the 110th anniversary of the outstanding Russian Turcologist academician Andrei Nikolaevich Kononov, whose scholarly interests covered ancient Turkic texts, history and culture of Turkish peoples in ancient and medieval times.

II. Working Languages: English (preferable), Russian, Chinese.

III. Paper Requirement

Title of the paper, English abstract, complete information about the author (full name, title, affiliation and e-mail address) are accepted until June 1, 2016.

Full text of the paper (not more than 20 000 signs in TNR) should be sent until August 1, 2016.

IV. Visa support:

In order to assist your efforts in getting the Russian visa we are ready to prepare an official invitation for which we need the following information:

  1. full page scan copy of your passport;
  2. place of employment and position;
  3. name and full address of the institute;
  4. city where you will apply for Russian visa;
  5. address where to send the invitation;
  6. dates of your visit;
  7. what kind of visa you need: one entry or multi-entry visa.

Contact address of the Organizing committee:


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