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Academic workshop on Eastern Medicine in Modern Russia Print E-mail
On March 4-5, 2013, the academic workshop on Eastern Medicine in Modern Russia was held at the IOM RAS as a part of the annual Dorjiev Conference. It was primarily organized by the St Petersburg Charity Foundation Society of Buryat Culture 'Aya-Ganga'. The Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, the IOM RAS and the State Hermitage were co-organizers of the event.

The workshop was aimed at formulating the actual achievements and problems of study and practice of Tibetan medicine in the Russian Federation. A dozen of scholars and Buddhist figures from St Petersburg, Ulan Ude (Buryatia) and the Aginsky Buddhist Academy (Zabaikalsky Region) submitted their presentations. Some practicing doctors of both Tibetan and Western medicine took part in the discussions, too.

A special exhibition of materials on Tibetan medicine kept at the IOM RAS was prepared by Dr Alexander Zorin and Alla Sizova, researchers at the IOM’s Department of Manuscripts and Documents. The participants were given a chance to visit the IOM’s Tibetan library, too. Moreover, Dr Irina Kulganek organized an excursion through the Institute’s Museum of Oriental Studies and a visit to the Department of Central and South Asian Studies for the guests of the Institute.

The full account including some final statements suggested by the participants and organizers of the workshop are available at the Russian version of the web page.


Dr N.Pupysheva, Ulan Ude, submits her paper

Dr M. Albedil, the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, RAS, submits her paper

Dr N. Bolsokhoeva, Ulan Ude, submits her paper

During the discussion of one of the papers - Dr E. Kharkova puts her question

During one of the sessions

The collective photo of the participants at the IOM’s Museum of Oriental Studies

Photos were supplied by Dr I. Kulganek and Dr E. Kharkova

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