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Seminar at Tashkent Islamic University Print E-mail
On November 24, 2012, at the Center for Research on Islamic Studies of Tashkent Islamic University affiliated to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan the seminar on actual issues of Islamic studies and training of Islamologists was held.

Tashkent Islamic University is the first institution aimed at teaching academic Islamology in the territory of the former USSR. It was founded in 1999 by the order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Its administration and professors take an important mission to educate young people as good experts in the history and doctrine of Islam, while maintaining religious tolerance, respect to national cultural traditions, immunity to extremist trends of ‘pure’ Islam preachers.

Leading professors, lecturers, and doctoral students of Tashkent Islamic University took part in the seminar. Dr Stanislav M. Prozorov, the deputy director of the IOM RAS, was invited as a guest of honor to submit his key speech on the current situation with Islamological education in Russia.

The Chancellor of the University, Prof Ravshan Abdullaev, Prof S. Agzamkhodzhaev and other speakers emphasized the important role of Russian experts in Islamic studies, particularly from Leningrad/St Petersburg, in training academics for Uzbekistan and expressed wish to develop cooperation with relevant academic and educational centers of the Russian Federation.

Official program in Uzbek and Russian is available as a *.PDF file.

A booklet on Tashkent Islamic University in English is also provided as a *.PDF file.


At the office of the Chancellor of Tashkent Islamic University, Prof Ravshan Abdullaev

Observing the manuscripts collection kept at Tashkent Islamic University

Dr S. Prozorov signs the Welcome Book of the University

Walking through the territory of the University

Dr S. Prozorov with a group of professors and lecturers at the University

The Center for Research on Islamic Studies. The opening of the Seminar. Prof Ravshan Abdullaev delivers his speech

Dr S.Prozorov delivers his speech

Honoring the guest

Dr S. Prozorov with professors, lecturers and students of Tashkent Islamic University

Text and photos were provided by Dr S. Prozorov

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