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Meeting of the Academic Council - May 11, 2011 Print E-mail

On May 11, 2011, at the solemn meeting of the Academic Council, the IOM's Director, Prof Dr I.F.Popova congratulated the Inbstitute's researchers, veterans of the WW 2 and sitizens of the besieged Leningrad, with the Victory Day.

Offering flowers to veterans of the WW 2 and sitizens of the besieged Leningrad such as Dr M.A.-K. Dandamayev, V.N. Guseva, Dr S.L. Neveleva and X.L.Chizhikova and passing congratulations to the veterans who could not visit the meeting such as Dr V.A. Livshits, Dr E.N. Tyomkin, N.D. Putintseva the IOM's Director wished them all vivacity, energy, new academic achievements.

A few academic reports on the activities of the Institute's researchers during the WW 2 were delivered.

  • Prof Dr I.F. Popova gave exact data on the change of the number of IOM's researchers during the WW 2, oultined the major issues of evacuation of the academics from the besieged Leningrad and told about three preeminent Sinologists such as Dr K.K. Flug (1893-1942), V.N. Kazin (1907-1942), Dr Y.V. Bunakov (1908-1942).
  • Dr T.A. Pang told about academic works of Dr A.V. Grebenshchikov (1880-1941), a great expert in Manchu and Chinese, researcher of Northern Manchuria.
  • Dr I.V. Kulganek told about the life of the historian of Mongolia Dr V.D. Yakimov (1904-1941).
  • E.V. Tanonova dedicated her speech to the Indologist V.E. Krasnodembsky (1907-1942), the first Russian expert in Marathi, and recited fragments of his letters written during the siege of Leningrad.
  • E.I. Serova told about Dr P.P. Ivanov (1893-1942), the author of numerous papers on the history of Central Asia and Iran.

All papers were supplied with photos and archival documents.

Participants of the meeting honored memory of the victims of the Great War with a moment of silence.

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