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Meeting of the Academic Council - October 25, 2010 Print E-mail
On October 25, 2010, at the meeting of the Academic Council of the IOM RAS, two papers, by Dr I.V.Kulganek and Dr N.S.Yakhontova on the IOM's collection of Mongolian block prints and manuscripts were presented.

Dr I.V.Kulganek outlined the history of formation and contents of the collection of Mongolian block prints and manuscripts which is among the oldest parts of the IOM's collection and the biggest one outside of Mongolia. It has texts belonging to all the genres of Mongolian written literature such as texts on history, law, official and administrative documents, personal documents and letters, Buddhist canonical and post-canonical literature, ritual texts, treatises on astrology, medicine, various folklore texts, etc, A great number of documents essential for the study of literature, culture and religions of Mongol peoples are kept also at the IOM's Archives of the Orientalists. The presentation was supplied with pictures.

Dr N.S.Yakhontova presented some most important results of the project aimed at processing of the Mongolian and Tibetan collections. She emphasized the importance of work carried out by Prof G.Kara and Dr A.G.Sazykin during the 1970s, when they sorted out more than four thousand Mongolian texts that had been kept at the Tibetan collection, the texts were then passed to the Mongolian collection and numbered under the letter Q. The processing of Tibetan collection made by Dr V.L.Uspensky and, now, Dr A.V.Zorin has resulted in the discovery of several hundreds of items in Mongolian such as complete texts, separate folia and fragments. The work is going on so new acquisitions for the Mongolian collection are to be expected.

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