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The Fourth Dorjiev Conference Print E-mail
On August 3—10, 2010, the Fourth Dorjiev Conference entitled Buddhism and the Current World [Буддизм и современный мир] took part. The conference was held in the places connected with the name of Hambo Lama Agvan Lobsang Dorjiev (1854–1938) such as the Isle Olkhon (the Irkutsk District), the Aginskoe settlement and the Alkhanay National Park (the Aginsky Buryat Autonomous Region, the Zabaikalsky District).

The conference was organized by the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, the St Petersburg Charity Foundation The Society of Buryat Culture ‘Aya-Ganga’, the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, and the Government of the Aginsky Buryat Autonomous Region.

The conference was supported also by the State Hermitage, St Petersburg State University, the P.K. Kozlov Memorial Apartment Museum, the Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, and the Aginsky National Museum named after G.Ts. Tsybikov.

A wide circle of issues were discussed during the conference such as the life and heritage of Agvan Dorjiev, the fate of Buddhism in Russia, relations between Buddhism, State and Society in the current world, Buddhist modernization and traditionalism in globalization processes, Buddhism as an important factor of the social life of Asian countries, revival of Buddhist tradition in Russia, Buddhist culture, history, source criticism, linguistics and arts criticism, explorations of areas where Buddhism is traditionally spread, preservation and study of Buddhist manuscripts, books and archives.

Academic scholars, representatives of religious, social and educational organizations, intellectuals from St Petersburg, Moscow, Chita, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Elista, Yekaterinburg, Aginsky (Russian Federation), Ulan Bator (Mongolia), Szczecin (Poland) and Varanasi (India) took part in the conference.
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